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BRAIN FOG: what’s REALLY going on

Have you experienced “BRAIN FOG?”

That’s a state where you feel foggy, hazy, confused, and can’t quite think clearly.

There are MANY remedies people are using for this, HOWEVER, when we fail to understand what’s really happening, we can actually make brain fog WORSE and keep it in place!

The truth about brain fog is that it is not the chronic condition that we make it out to be. It is actually a state in which we are releasing our old network of beliefs and allowing a new foundation to come in.

When this happens we are “upgrading” our new operating system. Releasing the resistance to brain fog, and allowing space to LET GO, allows your body to integrate what is happening.

See if you can allow the release of all these old patterns and fears, and just allow yourself to “reboot” and come into fluidity and freedom.


P.S. Have you experienced brain fog? What have you done?
I am happy to assist!



  1. This really explains how i feel most of the time… like a big heavy pot is on my head and in my head. thank you , I will try to embrace it and let it go.

    • Great elaine! Yes…see if you can just LET GO and see if that resolves.


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