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Are you living in fear?

Do you know that the fear response in your body (called “fight-or-flight”) can make you sick and keep you from healing?

One of the biggest things I see cause chronic symptoms of pain and fatigue, autoimmune disease, adrenal fatigue, and other illnesses is that there are underlying emotions of powerlessness and fear associated with their symptoms.

One patient had back pain for over 10 years, and had tried everything to heal: physical therapy, massage, acupuncture, and finally medications.

When we uncovered the frustration, anger, and powerlessness that underlined his symptoms and released it, his pain was GONE!

It took only minutes, and he was blown away with how fast he was able to heal.

This is possible for us all when we go deeper.

Fear isn’t telling you that there’s something wrong “out there,” it’s indicating that there’s something to address “in here!”

So simply giving your body YOUR loving attention, connecting with yourself within sends your body the signal that everything is okay, and it can turn off “fight-or-flight.”

It’s that simple and it begins the healing process.

I’ve had so many patients search high and low for how their diet may be causing their symptoms, or for what supplements they may need. It keeps them in tension and stress trying to fix the problem. They never get better because they’re disconnected from their body.

When you remember to first connect within, before searching for the threat, trying to “fix” yourself, or figuring out what’s wrong…you save a ton of energy AND you allow yourself the insight and clarity to do what contributes to your health.

Totally different approach and it’s like magic. That IS your healing power.

To learn more on this, go HERE to view this!



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