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Are You Energy-Sensitive?

Do you know that your body is affected by the energy around you?

In fact, not only have studies shown that your emotional state affects your heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure, BUT also the emotional state of other people around you dramatically affects your health!!

Here is a way to clear your system from “negative” energies (lower emotional states) that you may be picking up at work, from family members….or just from a person in the elevator!

Watch now!

-Dr. Kim



  1. Dr. Kim,
    I love what you say; it is all so very important and vital, but I have so much
    trouble with your racing talk and hyper-ness!
    I have CFS and am wanting to s l ooooo wwww
    Thanks for thinking about this.

    • Hi Carolyn! This may not be a good fit for you.
      I love Dr. Joe Dispenza. He has a completely different personality, but teaches similar work.
      You definitely want to tune into people you resonate with:)

      -Dr. Kim

  2. Love this and I am going to use this straight away! I am very sensitive to other people’s energies and they can have a very destructive effect on me. I am by nature a people-person and so thought this was just part of being me. Can’t wait to try this! Thanks, Dr. Kim!x

  3. I’m a HPS and I feel drained when among people.

    I really will start to do these things to feel less overwhelmed.

    Thank you Kim.


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