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Are You Doing This All Wrong?

I recently received a question on one of my blog posts about doing Affirmations.

This is one area where I see so many people get it all wrong, and actually end up creating the very problems their trying to overcome.

It’s also an area where I see people “being positive” instead of just getting REAL!

(It’s a pet-peeve, but please, stop trying to be positive!! You don’t need to work so hard.)

Here is the Q/A below:

“I’m confused about using affirmations to heal my body. This is what I’ve been doing:

I am not depressed.
I am not feeling old.
I do not have fibromyalgia.
I do not have migraine headaches.
I do not have IBS.

IS this how you do it???”

My answer:

Thank you for asking this.
This is not going to create your indented result. In fact, this way you’ve demonstrated is the #1 reason why most people fail to progress using MindBody Medicine; they simply misuse the technology.

Whatever the mind focuses on, the body follows. Your thoughts create chemical reactions in your body that either promote health, OR create disease.
Therefore, when you focus attention (which is a creative force) on your intended outcome, this creates the brain signals and chemical patterns that support your intended outcome (wellbeing.)

Here are the general “rules” about Affirmations:

1. Make it Affirmative!
For an Affirmation to work as intended, you MUST state it in the “Affirmative.” That means speak what you DO want to create.

When you tell the mind: “Not dis-ease” all the mind gets is “Dis-ease,” therefore, let’s change these affirmations:
I am not depressed. ————— I feel uplifted, alive, and joyful.
I am not feeling old. —————– I feel youthful vitality.
I do not have fibromyalgia. ———- I am filled with vibrance, resilience, and health.
I do not have migraine headaches. —- My head is clear and relaxed.
I do not have IBS. ————————– My digestion is harmonious and balanced.

2. Choose something you can easily embrace.
When you are feeling awful, and aim to feel vibrant and healthy, the idea can get bumped out of your mind, because it seems so impossible.

For example, saying “Life is awesome!” when you are writhing in pain may just feel like the furthest thing from the truth, however the idea: “My body listens to my thoughts about it” is empowering, and can be easily embraced from almost any vantage point.

3. Prepare yourself first.
When using Affirmations, be sure your brain is in the right frame of mind to embrace them. Stating 10 things you are grateful for now will warm you up and create healthy brain changes and chemical reactions that support you in claiming your intended outcome. Then, it will be easier for your MindBody system to embrace this new information of your Affirmations.

“I am grateful for _______ (list anything and everything you currently DO have, that brings you fulfillment in any way.)”

Bonus: When in doubt, use a question instead.
To incorporate “affirmations” that are far from your experience, try changing them to a Question. “Why am I so filled with vitality?!” will circumvent the established doubter in your current mindset and get around limiting beliefs. This activates a new message in your MindBody system.

Let me know how this helps and comment below with questions.

-Dr. Kim

P.S. What are your Affirmations? Share them here and I will support you in bringing them to fruition.


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  1. Great reminders about affirmative statements vs. negative statements. This is what I am using NOW: My body has the power to heal itself and it is working to clean out old, blocked energies and replacing them with vibrant energy! I choose to thrive! As I use affirmations, I find that others feel my positive orientation. My awareness has been enhanced- I see responses/affirmations that I am on the right path from the world and people around me!
    But I do catch myself letting the negative thoughts creep in occasionally, especially when I get tired or my body is dragging. Then the subconscious limiting belief that I have this diagnosis, and fatigue is inevitable affirms itself! I keep trying to shake this diagnosis “label” but my physical limitations contradict my affirmative desires.


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