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Release the Root Causes of Low Energy, Pain, and Disease

Free Diagnostic Quiz: Learn the 3 Things Holding You Back From Healing!

An EFT Tapping sequence for you!

If you’ve been stressed, overworked, overwhelmed, and worn out…


If you’ve been diagnosed with a disease or condition that makes you tired…

Here is a great way to end fatigue and boost your energy any time!

I’ve incorporated EFT Meridian Tapping to virtually all treatments with my patients. It’s AMAZING what I’ve seen happen.

One client who had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for years was able to release the emotions and energies keeping her sick and get her energy back for the first time in years!

One of the biggest questions I get asked is: “How do I know what to tap on, Dr. Kim?”

In this video I share my 3-step method to easily know exactly what to tap on to get the best benefits when you’re tapping on your own.

AND I also walk you through the actual tapping sequence to reverse fatigue and increase your energy.

If you’re ready for an energy burst and to open to healing… WATCH NOW!

P.S. REGISTER HERE for a LIVE webinar I’m holding soon, where we’ll go much deeper into how to use this, and other MindBody Medicine techniques to heal your body and revolutionize your life!

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  1. Thank you for this, I am dealing with chronic anxiety that saps all my energy. Thankyou for this exercise.

  2. You are amazing Dr Kim. I love watching your videos!!!

  3. I am a counselor working with people who have chronic pain, mental/emotional disorers, and trauma histories. What research is there about efficacy and is it similar in neurological activation as EMDR? Are you familiar with Michael Cortina from Merrillville Indiana? He’s presenting on Rapid Resolution Therapy on Friday and I plan to attend. I hope to attend your webinar soon. As a Christian, I have followed Jim Wilder who includes some Vagus nerve tapping…. see his YouTube “Shalom for My Body” Thanks for all your resources… I am using them for my own healing.

  4. THANK YOU FOR THIS VIDEO! Your healing energy emanates. I’ve tried tapping once before, but going through it with your video, released all this emotion. It released from my body, came to the surface and I started to cry. I cannot wait to integrate this into a daily practice (many times a day!)

    • Yaaaay!!! This is great to hear. What have you been dealing with?
      Happy to support you further. KD

  5. 61 years old,retired and very depressed. The meds don’t work; this gives me some hope. I also ordered your program.

    • You are in a great place here Dennis with great resources to assist you.


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