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Amazing Energy Drink… that You Already Have!

I’m amazed at how much energy I have just from doing this one thing…how come no one told me about this before??!!

I can hardly believe this was so simple….and that I’d never heard of this health tip before.  It certainly wasn’t taught in medical school.  I didn’t learn this from a health coach either.  Mario and I actually learned this from a business coach; someone who is uber-successful in multiple businesses, has a wonderful family, and enjoys his life more than most people we’ve met.  As a tip for having increased mental clarity and productivity, we were given this advice, and HOW it has changed my energy levels!!!  I can hardly believe how much stronger and more awake and vitalized I feel pretty much all day!

Here it is….
Drink ONE LITER of room temperature water first thing in the morning.

That’s right.  Super simple, right?  Well, after doing this for just a few days we spent the day in the hot July sun at our annual 4th of July family tennis tournament.  Last year I needed an iced latte beforehand because I was dragging.  I remember feeling sluggish that day and needing multiple water breaks to keep my energy going.  This year, it was twice as hot, and under the blazing sun I felt like a million bucks!  I didn’t need breaks, and afterward, during lunch I had no food cravings or irritability, as I remember having had in the past.  What a change!

Here’s how to do it:  bring a liter bottle water your bedside the night before.  When you awaken drink some.  After you brush your teeth, drink some more.  Do your morning routine, whatever that is, and keep drinking it.  Get the whole thing down before you start your day.  It may be a little gurgly in your stomach the first day or two, but keep at it; that will change and you’ll get used to it.  Stay with it every day.

I’m amazed at how much more energy I’ve had and how much better I feel with this one simple tip.

Why does this work so well?  Unlike any other time of the day, when you first wake up, your body’s done lots of processing and has a buildup of toxins in your blood and lymphatic fluid.  (That’s why you may feel creaky in the morning or have soreness in your feet or muscles.)  Your body has also diuresed at night (released lots of fluid into the bladder) so you are relatively dehydrated.  It is at this time when your body will absorb water like a sponge.  You’ll detoxify the built up metabolic waste, and rehydrate your entire system, all before even starting your day.

Give yourself a chance at health, mental clarity, and vitality.  This one thing makes a huge difference!

What was your experience with this?  Questions/comments?  Share!

Be well,
-Dr. Kim

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