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3 Steps to Align with Infinite Possibility

If you’ve been searching out there for the answers only to find nothing is working for you…
…this is because that old paradigm does not apply to you. It is based on the idea that you are separate from everything around you, and you need to be in fear and fend for yourself, to work hard, figure it out, and be disciplined.

It will never get you where you need to be.

Now is not the time for a one-size-fits-all healing solution!
If you’re experiencing chronic symptoms that nothing seems to help, it’s essential that you tune IN to have the awareness of what will assist you the most.

When we look outside for us for the answers, we’re learning from an old grind that does not exist anymore: the mind and all of its ideas and limitations.
Right now, there are UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES available to you!
…and to tap into them you must release everything you think you know.

So how do we tap into the unknown and unlimited?
We’ve got to be a match for that frequency?

Here are 3 Steps to Aligning with Infinite Possibilities for Healing:

1. The first piece if releasing fear and urgency. I know this is challenging when we’re in pain! Right now (and whenever you feel pain, anxiety, or overwhelm with symptoms) FEEL into what you’re feeling physically, mentally, emotionally.
Tune into what’s really arising, and just be present to it.
Let the fear release by breathing through it and gently touching your body.
As soon as you shift your attention, you shift your frequency.
Just this little shift allows the fear to release!

2. The next piece is to get curious and begin asking better questions.
Ask yourself “What is the greatest thing this experience could be awakening me to?”
We’re all ready to receive SO much more than where we’ve been residing with.

You DO know, somewhere deep inside you, what the new possibilities could be.
So…. if you did know, and you could be that worthy of receiving, and the Universe really was that generous and infinite, what would you be receiving as a result of releasing all of this old energy?

3. The last part is to let your body – and The Universe – know that you are willing to receive this and release everything that’s in the way!
“I am willing and able to release all of this and receive all that Life has in store for  me, no matter what that looks like.”

Then tune into your HEART for courage and strength to move through and transmute all the old energies of fear, lack, and separation that you are moving through now.

For those of you ready to receive WAY more, I am holding my live group “Embracing Health” beginning in December!

We’ll take the next 5 months to work together and emerge into Unity Consciousness for health, wealth, and unlimited possibilities!”

HERE is the link to register now!

– Kim



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