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10 Secrets to Instantly Release Holiday Anxiety

So much unnecessary stress occurs during this time of the year.

We take on other people’s energy, get bogged down with expectations, and get caught up in being “busy” instead of being in Joy and Ease.

Last week I did a webinar with my friend, Laya Raznick, acupuncturist and pain specialist where we both shared what we’ve found to be most healing during this time of year to release stress and let your body be in HARMONY for the holidays and the coming year.



  1. Hi Ms Dr Kim d eramo I have anxiety and it’s horrible to have anxiety I can’t do nothing I can’t be myself I want to be myself but no I don’t know so what can I do to stop anxiety I’m from. LA I like your videos they help me A lot 👍 anxiety goes away and then it comes back. Thanks

    • Hi Fabian. So glad the videos are helping you. If you want to go further into this work with Dr.Kim she has some programs that will greatly help you. I too have suffered from anxiety and her work has helped me so much.

      She has the instant elevation program: and Embracing Health program which is starting in the Spring. If that is a fit for you. But she also continues to offer videos and advice in the mindbody facebook page which is a great community with others who are going through the same thing.


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