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Why did Haitian farmers burn US seeds?

Do you remember the big earthquake in Haiti?

It was in 2010.

As part of our aid effort, we sent them tons of seeds… to help them re-grow their crops and feed their children.

But instead of thanking us…

Haitian farmers publicly burned the seeds.

Yes, they took the seeds we sent them, marched them out into the streets, and burnt them all!

It was all over the news. Did you see it?

They didn’t plant them, because they didn’t want them to grow. So they burned the seeds.


There were sneaky substances in them that most Americans don’t know about. You’ll be surprised by the answer when you find out…

What’s all this about?

Well, my good friend, Jeff Hays is an award winning filmmaker who’s been short-listed for an Academy Award. And for the last 12 months, he’s been flying across the U.S. and examining the ugly truth about Big Food and Big Pharma.

He interviewed whistleblowers, former sales agents, doctors, scientists and professors.

And he was stunned by what he discovered.

Now, you may already have a haunting suspicion that something’s up with Big Food, Big Pharma and the Health Industry. After all, you’ve heard of GMOs, lawsuits against drug companies and the like…

But if you’re at all like I was… you’ll be blown away by how deep this rabbit hole really goes.


Jeff exposes it all in his startling new documentary, Bought. Including…

– How GMOs are making you depressed, anxious, and possibly even suicidal. (Scientists say one common GMO completely disrupts your body’s internal “happiness switch”.)

– How a drug company “edited” away proof that their anti-depressant drug made people “suicidal” and “emotionally unstable”… and got the study published in the most respected journal in science!

– Are GMOs causing obesity, diabetes and autism in our children? (The truth that scientist Dr. Nancy Swanson uncovered will surprise you.)

Before you (or your child) get another pill or shot, watch this…

Be well,

-Dr. Kim

PS: Did you know that we now spend twice as much on drugs and health care as we do on food?

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