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Red Hot Success

I’m really not a car person… just not my thing. BUT… if I WERE to be excited about a car, without a doubt it would have to be a red Ferrari. For me, that’s just a symbol to me for RED HOT SUCCESS happening.


Now, a car does not equate to success, of course, but I’ve created little “signs” so to speak; symbols that I’ve given specific meaning to. For example, whenever I see a white feather, it’s a symbol to me that God is with me, Life is on my side, and The Universe is giving me support and encouragement. When I see one I always feel a sense of serenity and healing.

When I see a Ferrari (especially a red one!) it reminds me to keep going for my BIG dreams!! -that success is inevitable, and this is evidence of it imminently appearing in my life. It lifts my spirits and gives me the inspiration to know that I’m on the right track.


You can create any symbols you want to give you the inspiration, support, encouragement, or love that you need when you need them. Start by thinking of something that already has meaning for you. If you’re Christian, it might be a cross; if you have children, it might be a baby bottle; if you love the beach, it might be the image of a palm tree. Then, feel into your body and see if you can come up with the meaning this symbol holds for you. Is there a message in it or an idea that it might represent? Then, assign this symbol with the meaning: tell your cells by imaging the symbol in your mind, and bringing your focus to the feeling of that message or the word itself.

Your brain communicates in IMAGES.

There are parts of your brain that light up with activity when you bring to mind an idea. When you associate the idea to a symbol, you trigger that brain activity (and the resultant chemical and emotional changes that go with it.) Simply put, you can activate these areas of your brain whenever you see or experience your symbol. It’s like setting your alarm to go off on your phone. Your brain has the ability to send you an instant message that triggers the feeling of inspiration, love, serenity, encouragement… whatever you need, when you need it most!

It was SO amazing today when I was taken for the ride of a lifetime (I nearly lost my stomach, but I liked it!) by a friend today in beautiful Puerto Rico in his RED HOT Ferrari!!! The sun was shining, the top was down, and I felt FREE and filled with a sense of abundance, like everything in life is here to support my highest good. I had set the intention for this trip to be filled with delightful surprises… and so many have happened without planning. A beautiful sailboat in the Caribbean yesterday with wonderful friends, then THIS showing up today… WoooHoooo!

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