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Pre-turkey MindBody tool to keep you slim!

I saw a post this morning at my gym about the fact that the average person will consume about 4500 cal on Thanksgiving day and it takes about 11 hours of aerobic exercise to burn all those calories.

Well it’s not exactly the full picture.

Yes, you may end up consuming over 4000 calories at your Thanksgiving day meal, (the average American consumes 3000 calories.)

That’s well over a full days allotment. (Especially if you indulge in the gravy!)

However, you won’t need to spend 11 hours on the treadmill, stairstepper, or pumping your weights to account for this and here’s why:

Your body is constantly burning calories. In fact, sitting here reading this you are burning about 100 calories per hour (this is less if you’re watching TV!) That means just to be alive as a human, your body will burn off 2400 of those Thanksgiving Day calories. Now there’s just 1600 unaccounted for calories:)

Also, your metabolism has way more to do with how you process these extra calories than the treadmill calculates. What sets up your metabolic state… your mindset!

So before you freak out and start toiling away at the gym, or going for a 40 mile run…

Here are some tools to help you make it a magnificent day…and keep your waistline slim!

Dr. Kim’s Tools to Enjoy Your Food Using the “Eat More and Lose Weight” Method:

1. Be present. Typically we’re chatting, texting, or watching TV/videos as we eat. We think “I just ate the whole thing” when really we didn’t experience eating any of it.

Instead, EXPERIENCE YOUR FOOD! Be present to the tastes, textures, temperatures and sensations in your mouth and body as you eat. You may be surprised that things taste better, you feel better, and your body sings when you eat. You’ll also know when you’re full and when it’s time to stop. This is the best way I’ve found to eat whatever you want and stay at ideal weight.

2. Choo, choo! CHEW YOUR FOOD 20 times per bite. I know this is a lot of chews, but you will digest the food fully so your body can process it. You absorb the nutrients to keep you healthy and eliminate what your body does not need.

3. Clean your heart before you eat. Stress makes you gain weight. Before you eat, CLEAR YOUR EMOTIONS.

We all sometimes experience tension in family situations. There are things about our loved ones we love… and things that make us nuts. These stresses impact the way you handle the food you eat. To optimize your metabolism and harmonize your hormones, take a tip from my friend Nick Ortner of The Tapping Solution:

Ask yourself the following questions-
Who haven’t I forgiven?
What old resentments am I holding on to?
Who haven’t I opened my heart to?
What do I need to apologize for?


These tools are not meant to compensate for trashing your body with an overindulgence of food, but to get in harmony with your body so it can be your ally in enjoying the holiday celebration and balancing things out along the way to offset the high-calorie day.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving!!! Blessings to you.

Love, Dr. Kim

P.S. I am thankful for you 🙂

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