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How to Release Depression and Feeling Suicidal

I struggled most of my life with depression. Even when I felt well, it was my greatest fear I'd sink again into another space of hopelessness, powerlessness and despair. I was a victim to it, not empowered, because although I'd moved through depression so many times,...

Resolving Depression and Suicidal Thoughts

Have you ever felt depressed or even suicidal? Right now more people are feeling these energies than ever before. It's not that we're too weak to overcome them; it's that it's time we INTEGRATE them and be willing to LOVE and ACCEPT ourselves as we are,...

Mini-Meltdown Formula

Everything happening in your life that gets your attention is there TO SERVE YOU! Even if it’s illness, relationship struggles, or lack of money, the way you experience it is significant!! It’s coming up to get your attention so you can embrace greater prosperity!!...

The SELF-CARE Essential

Everything happening “out there” is a reflection of what’s going on in US “in here.” When we remember to make our INNER STATE the focus of our attention, we allow everything in our lives to change, sometimes very quickly!SELF-CARE is an essential practice for this and...

Quick Exercise for Inner Alignment

This exercise is so powerful! I use this anytime I feel glitchy and have moved out of alignment with fluidity. It’s short and you can do it any time.This is great to do in the morning to set you into a space of ease and wellbeing, the foundation for total health....

If you’re DEPRESSED how to let energy MOVE

I was recently vacationing in the area where I went to medical school. It brought back so much awareness of who I was then and what life was like.HERE IS WHAT I REALIZEDFirst of all, realizing that so much of what’s in my life now was only a dream back then. How is...

How to move through DESPAIR

I recently had a very challenging experience. I was triggered by something someone said and surprised by how much this brought up. I became very upset and overwhelmed and didn’t have space to let it all go right away.This was connected to another difficult thing that...

How to Always Have What You Need!

We have all we need within us. As within, so without. Our world reflects our ability to RECEIVE. But how do we soften when there’s so much fear or when we’ve had to fight and work hard to get our needs met? Stay tuned for this episode of MindBody TV to enter a space...

Summer Plans and Update

Here are some upcoming changes and what’s coming at the end of the summer... The MindBody Solution for Pain Release has been a massive hit for those with chronic illness and pain, and will be offered at the introductory rate for ONE MORE WEEK! You are welcome to...

MindBody TV Q+A

Ask your most pressing questions about health, body, and healing for even the most obscure challenges. XO -Kim   ******* You can Subscribe to my YouTube channel to get notifications when new videos are available! You can also share this video with others so they...

Are you an EMPATH? You don’t have to be overwhelmed!

I've been empathic my whole life, but didn't know why. There was a lot of suffering that went along with being super sensitive and aware of the energies around me. It took decades before I stopped experiencing it as a victim. The thing is, for those of us who are...

Why things seem to get worse before they get better

If you've been asking for greater health, love, and abundance, only to witness your world falling apart as deep pain and anxiety emerges, you're not alone. So often the process of expansion requires us to meet our pain more fully and to no longer suppress the fear and...

Are you investing your energy wisely?

If you've felt sick, depleted, burned-out, overwhelmed, or you aren't healing the way you think you should may be because you haven't learned to invest your energy wisely. Energy in the body is like money: when you invest it wisely it grows and expands! When...

Can you really release chronic pain instantly?

Millions of people are living in severe chronic pain or illness. Many have tried medications. Some understand mind-body medicine. Most have NOT been able to heal themselves.What’s required is a shift in perspective. Moving away form trying to get rid of pain; moving...

The #1 Missing Nutrient!…it’s not what you THINK!

Are you missing this ESSENTIAL ingredient?You’ve likely heard that you need a good diet to have good health: Vitamin C, Vitamin D, leafy greens...Maybe you even eat kale in regular intervals. You’ve also been taught you need exercise and have joined a gym. Maybe you...

The Shamanic View of Mental Illness

A long time ago, when I first awakened to my intuitive abilities, it kind of blew my mind. I no longer could hold onto the old, limited reality and buy into it. Everything changed. I could see more, know more, hear other people thoughts, and have awareness that went...

Do You Need to Come Out of The Spiritual Closet?

As we are in this massive awakening, many of us are discovering deeper spiritual gifts and talents we maybe don't fully understand. Perhaps you have always been very empathic, clairvoyant, or clairaudient, but hid this because it seemed too strange, or you had no idea...

Finding and Aligning With Your True Path

You may have heard “As within, so without” but how to we rearrange what’s happening within us for the outer expression of health and wealth?It’s simpler than you may think, but definitely takes releasing distractions where the outer world or your own feelings dictate...

Welcome In Your FUTURE To Source Yourself NOW

Many of us focus a lot on releasing old patterns, healing traumas, and becoming free from our past to allow healing and prosperity. However, there is so much we can receive when we connect with our intended future and let it SOURCE us even before it’s here. Instead of...

What I learned from my deepest depression

I recently had a pretty intense experience where I was in a dark place and I wonder if you can relate. It felt like the world was closing in: everything was so busy and overwhelming, I couldn't feel joy or inspiration, I felt heavy and despairing. It seemed like...

How Your Body Affects Your World

Many of us understand that our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions affect our body, but how does this inner shift affect that which is beyond us? Science has shown that changes in your body’s electromagnetic field have an immediate and measurable effect on everyone and...

Relapse: Haven’t I Moved Past This Yet?

Often when we've worked on something and resolved it, we think we're "done". When that same issue, symptom, or feeling comes back, we think something must be wrong. We doubt our progress and healing. It can bring us into despair and confusion. However, healing occurs...

Healing Through the BREATH

Have you heard of "breatharian healing"? It's a modality that uses the breath to clear and cleanse the physical, mental, emotional, and energy bodies. It's very simple, and VERY powerful. If you've wanted to go deeper with your healing to reach those "hard to get"...

Powerful CLEARING Meditation

I recently had a meeting with my team. Since there have been SO many intense energies coming up, I led us through a clearing and releasing exercise. Everyone benefited greatly. It was so powerful, I wanted to share this with you. USE YOUR BREATH as you go through this...

Powerful Alignment Tool To Release Lower Energies

This is a tool I use often to move energy. Especially when I’m feeling fear/depression/despair, this is a go-to for me!!  Use the BREATH!!! This is more powerful that you might think. I’ll guide you through in this video, AND I’m planning a live webinar event soon...

Accept your Feelings to Transmute with Helen Argyrou

What is the biggest lie women live with that keeps us small? This is the question Dr. Kim was asked in this provocative interview with Helen Argyrou, global leadership pioneer and founder of Women of Truth X Factor. If you've ever doubted yourself, thought you needed...

Why EFT Doesn’t Always Work…(and what to do!)

Whenever I hear someone say: "I'm doing EFT on this and still my symptoms persist! What's wrong? I always remind them to forget about trying to make things better and instead use tapping to LOVE their body. This sounds simplistic but it makes ALL the difference when...

EFT Meridian Tapping

EFT Meridian Tapping has been shown to end illness, energize your body and change your brain for good! I've used this for years for myself personally and in my medical practice to assist those with chronic anxiety/pain/fatigue and all kinds of other illnesses to allow...

The #1 Nutrient for Lasting ENERGY!

If you've ever wanted more energy, you know how many options there are for the temporary version. Food, drinks, supplements, exercises...there are so many things that can source us from the outside in. The true source of energy comes from the inside out. It's...

Why Awakening INTENSIFIES Things and What To Do…

If you’ve been practicing this healing work, or EFT (the Tapping Summit’s going on right now!) for awhile...things can get intense!! It’s enough to make you want to just SHUT DOWN again... but don’t. Here’s what to do to move things through. There’s one thing that...

Let Stillness Create Wholeness

It often may seem that getting more done and not stopping is what creates more in our lives. However, so often we’re operating from discord, fear and lack, so our actions create more chaos and more stuff for us to do. What you focus on EXPANDS, and where your...

How To Be The Invitation For Your “YES”

I was recently interviewed by Tracey Osborne, Founder of Daring Woman, about how to move through anxiety and depression. If you are ready to be more fully alive on every level: relationship, health, wealth, body... You will love this! In this interview, I shared......

Tapping Summit 2019

This is one of my FAVORITE events of the year! When I first listened to Nick Ortner’s Tapping World Summit, many years back, it changed my life! I began telling everyone I knew about tapping! I used it for myself, for my patients, and I even held an event at my home...

Upcoming Course for Women

There is so much negative programming we’ve had around our bodies. This creates suppression physically and also blocks us from receiving the messages from our own inner wisdom. Not only does this contribute to disease and illness of all kinds, but it prevents us from...

Manifesting Your Heart’s Desires in 2019!

In welcoming 2019, what is it that you’re ready to create? When you think about your dreams and desires, doubts and despair may come up. You may heart thoughts like, "That's impossible.” "I can't have that." or "That's never going to happen for me." And then you might...

Move into 5D in 2019!!!

In the human mind, there are two hemispheres—right and left. We usually perceive everything as either “good or bad” or “right or wrong.” Most of the time, we are living and perceiving everything in duality. This is not the highest nature of reality. We are moving into...

Align with Your Heart for the New Year

With the start of a new year, this is a great time to be intentional about what you are creating! For many of us, we don’t really know what it is we want. When we’re disconnected from our sensual self, we often go to the mind for answers but come up empty. Go deeper...

MindBody Tools for HSPs (Highly Sensitive People)

If you’re emphatic or a highly sensitive person (HSP), your body has a lot of awareness and can feel the energy around you. Are you one of those people? If you are, you’re not alone. Begin seeing things in a new light by releasing the old perspective. Let your body...

EFT for Holiday Anxiety and Stress

If you are facing holiday anxiety or overwhelm, BREATHE and let your body know “It’s okay to let this go and receive all I need.” What if the tension and stress you feel is just your body telling you “It’s time to let go”? Your body already knows how to heal! You...

4 Ways to Relieve Holiday Anxiety

Going through the holiday season is one of the common triggers of panic for people struggling with anxiety. The get-togethers, overwhelm of things to do, and family and other social situations could be immensely stressful sometimes...don’t let it get the better of...

Cold and Flu Remedy! My Favorite!!

I swear by this remedy and recommend it to everyone I know! I’ve used it personally many times with excellent results in preventing viral illness.

4 Steps to Manifesting an Inspired Life

I just got off a private session with a client. She’s been overwhelmed and depleted, and noticed she was falling back into an old pattern that created illness. We came up with a process to keep her out of that old pattern AND access her to inspiration.

3 Steps to Align with Infinite Possibility

Now is not the time for a one-size-fits-all healing solution! If you’re experiencing chronic symptoms that nothing seems to help, it’s essential that you tune IN to have the awareness of what will assist you the most.


The electromagnetic frequency of our planet has risen exponentially over the past several years. This powerfully impacts our cells and our DNA and can create symptoms from mild disorientation, to massive discord and multiple symptoms of illness.

Are you ready to UNLEASH your Power

If you’ve struggled with illness, fatigue, or depression and felt LESS than fully alive… it can be easy to think “There’s something wrong with me.”

Thanksgiving Gift and Special Offer

You’re invited to receive The MindBody Solution at an incredibly low investment!!. This is one of my favorite programs, and one of the first ones I created.

Brain Harmonization Exercise

Have you ever wondered how you can get everything to integrate easily into your life when you are asking for big changes?

When Healing Seems “Impossible”

My friend Shiroko Sokitch, MD has just launched her new book “How to Heal When It Seems Impossible: 7 Keys to Defy the Odds”!! I am SO excited to share this with you!

Manifesting Health

It’s one thing to feel lighter or have a sense of joy and inspiration…but how does this translate into physical, 3D changes in our body?

Exercise to Heal When You Are Stuck

Sometimes things can be glitchy as we’re coming into greater abundance, more love, and greater prosperity. The old ideas and beliefs we hold come up to be reevaluated.

Cycles of Expansion

We are constantly expanding into more of who we truly are. This can be a painful process when we don’t understand what happens, or are in resistance to the journey.

When you’re frustrated with our political system…

The patriarchal control you see “out there” is a reflection of any self-suppression you’ve internalized “in here.” By releasing the tendency to push harder, do more, or fight against unfairness, we open to a new dynamic within ourselves.

New Paradigm Beliefs for Abundant Living

For those of you who are here to assist others, this is essential stuff to integrate!

Whether this program calls to you, or something else, I know we are all here to create a new system for wellness and health for Humanity.

Is Showing Emotion a Weakness?

Release the Root Causes of Low Energy, Pain, and Disease Free Diagnostic Quiz: Learn the 3 Things Holding You Back From Healing! We seem to be following an unwritten code to suppress our emotions. Ever notice someone shed a tear when discussing something...

Be the Medicine

For those of you who are here to assist others, this is essential stuff to integrate!

Whether this program calls to you, or something else, I know we are all here to create a new system for wellness and health for Humanity.

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