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3 Reasons People Don’t Heal and What You Can Do!

What is it that blocks so many from healing? There are three key factors keeping you stuck.

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3 Reasons People Don't Heal and What You Can Do!

Posted by Dr. Kim D'Eramo on Wednesday, September 13, 2017

  1. OUR WAY OF BEING. Our state of being creates a chemical imprint. When we live in fear and try to manage our illness from a state of fight or flight we tax our bodies with stress hormones. When we try to “fix” the body with our mind, rather than surrendering to the heart, we prevent healing. We must allow something new to come in, and “let go” of trying to fix the problem so that it can resolve.
  2. VICTIM MENTALITY: Living in a state of mind where you feel as if life is happening to you. Feeling like nothing you do is working or helping keeps you stuck on this pattern of seeing yourself and the world. Until we resolve what is actually happening within us, we won’t be able to let go and allow something new to come in.
  3. LIVING IN A SPACE OF “NOT GOOD ENOUGH”: When we feel less about ourselves and focus our attention on others needs more than our own, we can’t heal. When you feel that you are not enough or don’t matter, your body can’t get what it needs, so you block healing.

When we allow our bodies to receive what they need, not only does our health begin to flourish, those around us get nurtured more. When we nurture ourselves first, all those other things always flourish as a result.

Hope you like the video!

-Dr. Kim



  1. Fabulous. This is really valuable information, and I LOVE how you phrase and describe things. It really makes so much sense. Much gratitude. And congratulations on your pregnancy!

    • Hi Helen! Thank you so much! Sending love!

    • I can’t hear anything. I went to youtube and played a video so my speakers are on.????

    • XO. Thank you very much Helen!


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