Dr. Kim D'Eramo

MindBody Resources for Kids!

Dr. Kim D’Eramo is a board-certified Emergency Medicine physician who trained at Emory University’s Grady Hospital in Atlanta. She completed medical school at University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine, where she also did fellowship training in Osteopathic Medicine, Medical Gross Anatomy and Neuroanatomy.

Book CoverHer bestselling book, The MindBody Toolkit explains the basis for how the prolonged stress state (fight-or-flight response) generates toxicity and imbalance in all areas of the body, and how reversing this stress state restores our natural state of well-being.

Dr. D’Eramo has researched for decades the pathways through which the body heals itself. She has formulated this into multiple tools that can be used anywhere to repattern the brain, send new messages to the body, and restore ideal health physically, emotionally and mentally.

This Bonus Package Includes:

Bonus #1: Parent Tapping Session video

This is a tapping session for parents and child caretakers to use to release physical, mental, and emotional energy that is causing distress in relationship with a child. Use it anytime you are stressed or worried about your child, frustrated or afraid in dealing with challenges with child, or before you interact with your child for the best interaction possible.

Bonus #2: Tapping Session for Kids video

Younger kids may need your guidance and this sequence will help you teach them. Older kids will be able to learn tapping on their own from this video.

Bonus #3: General Tapping Sequence for Kids audio

This is a great tool for kids to use before bed AND first thing in the morning to release anxiety and clear their physical, mental and emotional states to reverse disease and live at their best!

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