Dr. Kim D'Eramo - MindBody Medicine

Release the Mind and Tap Into Healing Within​

So often with chronic illness, we struggle to get better, fighting for what we want, instead of surrendering to allow abundant health that comes from within. Tapping becomes work, and we’re disappointed when it seems “nothing is working.”

Kim D’Eramo, D.O, physician, bestselling author of The MindBody Toolkit, and Founder of the American Institute of Mind Body Medicine, brings us beyond the mind with its limitations and struggles, and into the Heart, where serenity, harmony and health comes easily. In this audio and meditation, you will use EFT Meridian Tapping to release what’s blocking ideal health, using Tapping to love and nurture your body, instead of trying to fix it.

Dr. Kim calls this the “secret sauce” for using EFT Tapping effectively. Listen to this audio and do the meditation as often as you like to instill harmony, serenity, and ease, as you tap into the healing power within you!