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Dr. D’Eramo has been presenting to large and small multinational audiences for over a decade. Her dynamic, vibrant presentations are powerfully inspiring, and she reliably leaves a lasting impression. Formats offered: Any of the topics below can be done in a 1-3 hour presentation, ½ to 1 day training, or 2-4 day workshop.

The MindBody Solution:

How to Change Your Thoughts and Transform Your Body

Every thought you have is a chemical reaction in your body that communicates to every cell. The messages of your mindset may be life-enhancing… or life-depleting. MindBody tools instantly shift your brain and body chemistry, increasing energy, restoring wellbeing, balancing metabolism, and boosting your immune system. This empowers you to generate ideal health… instantaneously. Dr. Kim teaches MindBody tools you can use anywhere, and explains the medical and neuroscience behind it in simple, basic terms. Participants will learn Dr. Kim’s Instant Elevation Technique, which she created as a shortcut to implementing the most powerful MindBody tools.

Unleashing the Physician Within:

How to Heal Your Body and Your Life

Your body has the ability to heal itself. It is self-sustaining and self-regulating…when it is getting what it needs. Symptoms are the body’s way of communicating that there is imbalance. This imbalance may occur on the level of the body: physical, mental, emotional, and may also stem from our relationships, career, and outer life. Your body has the solutions to what ails you. Dr. Kim will guide you through the process of connecting with your body to identify root causes of symptoms, and using this insight to transform your life.

Unleashing the Physician Within, Boston 2013

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EFT Tapping Prescription:

How to Instantly Reverse Pain, Anxiety, and Any Symptom Anytime

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Meridian Tapping is a self-healing tool using gentle percussion on the acupressure meridians. It has been used for decades to give new information to the stress-processing center of the brain. This has immediate effects on the entire body. Dr. Kim teaches the process to use for self-treatment which can be done anywhere at any time to immediately reduce stress and reverse symptoms.

Dr. Kim D'Eramo