The Best Kept Secrets in Medicine
Unlock the Power Within YOUR Body!

What's ACTUALLY possible for you
​​​​​​​goes WAY beyond what most doctors understand.

The "secrets" are all the things that have been LEFT OUT of our current medical model. Most doctors are not aware of this and so operate in a limited understanding of reality and of the body. 

When we release our old conclusions and perspectives, and tap into the truth of who we are, we can:

  • Invite awakening
  • Welcome abundance
  • Experience love and connection
  • Heal beyond expectations!

Tuning into these audios to help you uncover where you've bought into limiting beliefs, and release them for good! Upgrade your understanding by tapping into the wisdom you already know inside!​​​​​​​

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Audio #1: Your Cells Are Listening
Your cells are not passive static things that are separate from you. They are RESPONDING to your energy. Every thought you have is a chemical reaction sending messages to your cells, organ health, even your DNA. Your health and expression is governed by how you THINK. Release those old limiting signals, and free yourself to live in vitality and abundance! 
Audio #2: The Truth About the "Truth"
"Truth" is subjective. We all live according to what we believe. Whether you believe you can or you cannot, you are right. Release the limited ideas you're living in, and upgrade your system to TRUTHS that are aligned with who you truly are!
Audio #3: Passion: The Key to Your Life-Force
You have WITHIN YOU, all you need to heal!

Connecting with the things you love most generate the chemistry that reverses aging and disease and accesses you to the unlimited source of health. Passion strengthens your immune system and allows you to overcome illness, infection, and imbalance of every kind. Get clear on what your greatest passions are, AND how to prioritize them in your life so you tap this infinite source now!
Audio #4: The Universal Principles of Thriving
There ARE principles for living in full abundance and vitality. When you align with them, magic happens! Learn to live in alignment with the truth of who you are, so you welcome health, prosperity and success on all levels of your life.
Audio #5: Your Words Are Medicine
Your words create!  They show you the beliefs you hold most powerfully and reflect the results you currently have in your life. Use your words as a powerful creative force to welcome abundance, prosperity and health on every level!
Reacquaint yourself with the truth of who you are, and connect with the powerful system that is
​​your body's wisdom!

Get the Audio Program for Only $49
​​​​​​​Dr. Kim D’Eramo is a physician, bestselling author of The MindBody Toolkit, and founder of The American Institution of MindBody Medicine. She completed residency at Emory University in Atlanta, received board-certification in Emergency Medicine, and completed a fellowship in Osteopathic Medicine.

After healing herself from a chronic illness using MindBody Medicine, she has empowered thousands of patients to ignite their body’s healing capacity and transform their health and life.

Dr. D’Eramo assists clients all over the world to incorporate MindBody Medicine for healing through online programs and live retreats.

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