The Best Kept Secrets in Medicine Audio Series

Unlock the power within your body! These 5 powerful audios will open your MindBody connection and bring you beyond the subconscious blockages holding you back. 

As you listen to these high-frequency concepts, you’ll activate your hidden "superpowers" and discover the truth of your potential.

  • Audio #1: Your Cells Are Listening 

    Every thought you have is a chemical reaction that governs your cells, organ health, even your genetic expression. Empower yourself to send your cells and body the right message to thrive and create the life you really want to live.

  • Audio #2: The Truth About the "truth" 

    Whether you believe you can or you cannot, you are right. You live according to the truths you believe in. If you believe money is hard to come by, that will be your experience. If you believe your husband is difficult, you will bring out the worst in him and experience him that way. Learn the neurology and chemistry of how this works, and how to upgrade your system to truths that serve you in creating the life you want. 

  • Audio #3: Passion: The Key to Your Life-force 

    Your passion – the things you love and care about most – are essential in creating your health. Living according to what make you passionate generates biochemicals that reverse ageing and disease Passion also strengthens your immune system against cold and flu. This session teaches you how to get clear on what your greatest passions are, AND how to prioritize them in your life (without sacrificing other priorities).

  • Audio #4: The Universal Principles of Thriving 

    Life’s Forgotten Rulebook: There are a limited number of absolute truths; the things that you live by whether you believe them or not. In this session, you learn these "rules" that govern life, and how to live in accordance with them so you can create more health, prosperity and success on all levels of your life.

  • Audio #5: Your Words Are Medicine 

    Your words are the first interface your beliefs have in the external world. Listening to your own words will show you the beliefs that you hold most powerfully, and teach you about why you have the results you currently have in your life. Learn to use your words as the powerful creative force they are... to create your ideal, thriving life! 

Reacquaint yourself with the truth of who you are, and connect with the powerful system that is your body’s Wisdom.