​​​​​​​Awakening to ALL You Truly ARE
3 DAY RETREAT  |  COLORADO  |  MAY 30th - June 2nd
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  • Receive effortless health and vitality!

  • Experience effortless abundance of resource!

  • Have freedom with time and money!

  • Open to inspired work you love!

  • Experience love and harmony in your relationships!

  • Live in a world of prosperity!


What have you been dreaming for your life to be?

Within you is the Source of all things, the answers and possibilities that allow your life to be all that your heart desires. 

When you connect with your Essence, the truth of who you are as an eternal being, you tap into the resources, inspiration, and awareness that lets you experience Life as infinitely abundant.

We are infinite beings, but when we experience life from the small self, our "identity," it blocks us from this awareness and the infinite possibilities that go along with it. 

When we live from identity, things are limited. We don't have enough energy in our body to heal illness or do all the things that make us thrive. We don't know how to make things work out for our career or money. We get stuck dealing with the same challenges, and there appear to be no solutions. We block the Love that's available, so we don't enjoy the joy and harmony our relationships have to offer. We buy into the idea that we can't really have it all, so we work harder, compromise, and suffer.

If you've been struggling, depleted, frustrated or living in fear about how things will go for you, 2019 is the year to change ALL of that and begin living from an entirely new space within you!

Accessing WHOLENESS allows ALL things to come effortlessly. Health and wealth are the natural emanation of our connection to who we truly are!  

That fear-based world is an illusion.

You literally ARE The Universe.

Everything is possible for you. As an infinite being having a physical experience, you DO have constant access to the Source of all life. Connecting to this allows your body to heal effortlessly. It allows wealth in the highest aspects, receiving all you need to live in fulfillment and inspiration, expressing the essence of YOU!

Join us for this 3-day group retreat, in beautiful Purgatory Resort, where you will be immersed in the energy of Love, Harmony, and Peace, allowing you to establish a solid connection with the Unlimited Potential that you are!

During this experience you will be guided and assisted in accessing your infinite self, releasing old energies in your body and mind that have been blocking this inner connection to Source. This allows you to receive all the abundance Life has in store for you.

 I created this program after receiving an amazing group retreat experience myself. I had begun to open to my Essence and welcome in life's gifts, but had still been living from a very limited space. There were always fears about money, family, and work, and I continued to work hard to "get ahead" in my career. I was living from fear. 

After the being in the physical presence of my mentor, and having been immersed in the energy of Love and Harmony, I integrated my connection with my Divine Essence in a whole new way. Literally things changed overnight. I easily released the things I was doing that caused depletion, and began making far more money. My relationship struggles dissolved and I enjoyed so much more love on a daily basis. I felt guided every day and was easily able to release old habits and patterns that had kept me in fear and struggle. 

Because this live experience was so powerful, I decided to begin offering live retreats for my own clients.

After seeing so many of my private retreat participants experience the same kind of transmutation in their lives, I knew I was ready to bring this to a group experience.
Here's what participants said:

"I am finally connected to my heart!"


"There's no gimmicks, there's no sales pitches, it's just Dr. Kim's authentic self, relaying to us women that we are valued and we are important, our lives are beautiful... and we deserve it all!"

Lorrie Vross


Liz Jutras

"As a result of this retreat my health is back on track, my finances have improved, I feel vibrant and alive, and have more energy! I SO encourage you to do a retreat with Dr. Kim."

Arlene Broussard

"Thank you for an amazing retreat! I am in awe at how much cleared in three days. I have been experiencing greater ease and presence, and feel significantly lighter. I am newly grounded in my “warrior” and know this work has integrated in a deep and lasting way."

Hayley Spizz

"I immediately felt like I opened up an opportunity to receive so much... I knew that this was something my soul was longing for. Nothing has ever compared to what I learned at this retreat."

Ellen Gosselin

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Located at the gorgeous
Purgatory Resort in Durango, Colorado

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The event begins Thursday evening at 6PM with a light dinner, introductions, and beginning integration and completes on Sunday at 11:30AM.

Meals will be provided throughout. Please email us any food preferences or allergies you may be experiencing. 

Travel: If you're flying, you will want to fly into Durango Airport. We will arrange transportation from the airport.
With Assistance From:
Derek VanAtta, Founder of Sarvaa Superfoods and author of "Your Abundance Now." He has practiced yoga and mindfulness for decades, living in an ashram in northern California. He also lived as a monk in his early adult life. This greatly opened his ability to perceive women as the goddess and invite them into greater wholeness from within. He is a living emanation of love, and brings this into all he does, including his established non-profits and divinely inspired nutrition supplement company.
It's time to AWAKEN
​​​​​​​ to ALL you truly are!

I am so excited to be inviting you as our special guest to join this group.

I know the power that exists when we connect and share, immersing ourselves in the essence of Love, Harmony, Peace, opening to receive our hearts greatest desires. Choose YOU now and join us!

There will be space for up to 40 participants. 

includes food and beverage throughout  event, *airfare and hotel room not included

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