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The Instant Elevation Program
This amazing program will show you that your AWARENESS is the key to your health, that your BREATH directly activates healing, and that raising your CONSCIOUSNESS translates to chemical, cellular, and brain changes that restore health!
6-Week Integration: Mind Your Body
Integrate the Instant Elevation into all areas of your life: work, money, love, family, and body.
MindBody Resources for Kids
This free series includes 5 videos and 1 audio!
MindBody Solution for Anxiety
End anxiety and enter well-being easily. Easily stay at peace with challenges and triggers. Have success come easily with less time and energy. Stop taking on other people’s negative energy and feel things just roll off your back!
EFT Meridian Tapping Mini-Course
This mini-course will show you how to use EFT Tapping to immediately turn off fight-or-flight, end symptoms, reverse illness, and induce powerful self-healing!
Heal (Meditation CD)
Create a new relationship with your body to effortlessly release patterns of illness, fatigue, anxiety, and depression. This will assist you in changing the pattern of a chronic illness so you open to Joy, Freedom, and Vitality in your body!
Best Kept Secrets in Medicine
Unlock the Power Within YOUR Body! These 5 powerful audios will open your MindBody Connection and bring you beyond the subconscious blocks holding you back.
Ho'oponopono Package
Ho’oponopono is a tool that releases fear, toxins and unhealthy chemicals from your body so you can allow your body to heal itself and end your illness and pain now!