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Dr. Kim D'Eramo

  • Do you want a great life, but think you can’t really have it all?
  • Do you yearn for greater energy and vitality?
  • Do you want to have great relationships but think you need to compromise because it’s not possible to have exactly what you want?
  • Maybe you desire freedom and prosperity, but believe that there isn’t enough money, time or resources for you to have that now?

All of these are evidence that your internal neurologic autopilot system, otherwise known as your subconscious mind, is in need of an upgrade!

Your thoughts and beliefs create a neurologic pattern that is integrated through every vessel, organ and cell, and even impacts your genetic code expression. If you were conscious and present, you would choose only things that serve you in creating a thriving and fulfilling life.

However, we typically spend only 5% of our time fully present and conscious.

The other 95% of time you are unconscious! During this time, your life is run on default mode. Your default mode, or “autopilot,” consists of all of the ideas, beliefs, and perspectives from your past experiences and your upbringing, many of which work against what you really want to achieve.

The key is not only to expand in your ability to stay present (conscious) but to upgrade your hardwiring to deliver your cells, organs and vessels the messages that bring about the result you want: vibrancy, energy, vitality, health, abundance and joy. You do this by choosing to upgrade these neurologic patterns, and I have created a program to do just that!

What You Can Expect…

With the The Best Kept Secrets in Medicine audio package, I have created 5 insightful and educational audio sessions that will activate change.

As you listen to these high-frequency concepts and understandings you’ll learn how your body’s superpowers really work!

Audio #1: Your Cells Are Listening

Every thought you have is a chemical reaction that governs your cells, organ health, even your genetic expression. Empower yourself to send your cells and body the right message to thrive and create the life you really want to live.


Audio #2: The Truth About the Truth

Whether you believe you can or you cannot, you are right. You live according to the truths you believe in. If you believe money is hard to come by, that will be your experience. If you believe your husband is difficult, you will bring out the worst in him and experience him that way. Learn the neurology and chemistry of how this works, and how to upgrade your system to truths that serve you in creating the life you want.


Audio #3: Passion: The Key to Your Life-force

Your passion – the things you love and care about most – are essential in creating your health. Living according to what make you passionate generates biochemicals that reverse ageing and disease Passion also strengthens your immune system against cold and flu. This session teaches you how to get clear on what your greatest passions are, AND how to prioritize them in your life (without sacrificing other priorities).


Audio #4: The Universal Principles of Thriving

Life’s Forgotten Rulebook: There are a limited number of absolute truths; the things that you live by whether you believe them or not. In this session, you learn these “rules” that govern life, and how to live in accordance with them so you can create more health, prosperity and success on all levels of your life.


Audio #5: Your Words Are Medicine

Your words are the first interface your beliefs have in the external world. Listening to your own words will show you the beliefs that you hold most powerfully, and teach you about why you have the results you currently have in your life. Learn to use your words as the powerful creative force they are… to create your ideal, thriving life!


Reacquaint yourself with the truth of who you are, and learn tools to connect with the powerful system that is your body’s wisdom.

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I want you to be as confident as I am – and our existing customers are – that you will see measurable results once you start implementing the strategies I am going to share with you. But just in case you have any lingering doubts, I want to make your decision foolproof. Here’s my guarantee…

I put in 100% effort into The Best Kept Secrets in Medicine and I am convinced you will LOVE this 5-audio package. Therefore, I am offering you an unconditional 100% Money-Back Guarantee. If you listen to all 5 audios and feel they did not deliver the level of value I promised, then simply let me know within 30 days of your order and I’ll refund your money, in full, with no questions asked.

You deserve to feel alive, healthy, happy, energized, focused and excited.

You have a very big life-purpose. Let me help you feel better so you can go out and achieve your goals!

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  • ALL 5 audio sessions to transform your mindset and activate change
  • Access to our private Facebook Group to share, connect and get support as you get your life back!
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Dr. Kim

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