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If You’re Ready for a Deeper Integration of This Work

Let the Presence of Ease, Harmony, and Abundance Expand into Your:


...so you release “working hard,” and embrace a life of effortless Abundance!

Is stress depleting your energy and health? 

Does it feel like you’re always trying to have more energy, find the right diet, or figure out why you feel so sick? 

Are you constantly overwhelmed, dealing with work stress, relationship stress, anxiety/depression, chronic pain, or exhaustion?

Is trying to get ahead wearing you out and preventing you from living in wellbeing NOW?

If so, you're in the right place!

The vast majority of challenges you face come not from your circumstances, but from an internal blueprint that predetermines everything you experience AND even programs your energy levels and degree of health.

You have within you a “set point” for how happy, healthy, and wealthy you get to be, and it has nothing to do with how smart you are, how hard you work, or how much you deserve.

If you’re constantly struggling to have health and energy, or fighting to get what you need, it’s because of your internal system! It’s been patterned to keep you on the path of struggle and scarcity, and accustomed to rejecting opportunities that bring ease into your life.

This keeps you working hard and struggling for health, fitness, weight loss, and success no matter how hard you work. Science has shown that our brain has the ability to receive infinite wisdom, and our body has the ability to heal itself, instantly

...so why are you still struggling to have the life and health you want?

It’s time to upgrade your internal blueprint.

If you’re ready to experience life, relationships, health, and success in a whole new way, I’ve created a powerful 6-week integrative program to assist you with this process.

The purpose of this program is to assist you in aligning with the healing power within you, so you can finally live with ease and receive, instead of working hard to have more.

I’ve compiled the most powerful insights, methods, and tools I’ve personally used into this powerful program to assist you in opening to the changes you’re ready for.

This program will release toxic brain patterns and free you from the blockages keeping stress in place.

Maybe you’ve already tried to change your life. Maybe you’ve been highly motivated to get healthy, have more energy, be more fulfilled, and be fit by working harder, learning more, getting motivated, being more disciplined, or finding the “right” coach, diet, or formula…

...only to still be frustrated and depleted. Despite what you’ve been taught, working harder, learning more, finding the “right” diet, or taking supplements isn’t the solution.

True Freedom, Joy, Prosperity, and Health, cannot be arrived at with the same mindset where the problems lie.

You must connect with your body and repattern your mindset.

Let go of motivation; motivation is rooted in fear.

This program will connect you with Inspiration, which is rooted in love and allows you to access your true innate power.

Through the 6 Week Integration: Mind Your Body program, I will show you why your actions, your choices, the decisions that create your health, your weight, and level of success aren’t based on what you know or what you don’t know. They’re all based on an inner blueprint.

  • The beliefs, memories, ideas and perspectives you hold reflect this blueprint. This is what needs to change if you’re ever going to make lasting changes in your life.
  • The results you’ve been getting so far aren’t based on what you’ve done right or wrong. Rather, they’re based on the hard wiring inside your body that’s sending messages to all of your cells; programming your chemistry and communicating messages to the outside world.

The 6 Week Integration: Mind Your Body program is going to show you how your mind isn’t limited to your brain, but that it’s actually integrated into every cell of your body. So, whatever you’ve been struggling with:

chronic illness • chronic pain • overweight • low energy and fatigue • frustration with work • feeling overwhelmed and depleted... 

After the 6 week program, you’re going to experience things in a whole new light.

You’ll also begin using your body to get information, navigating through life in a whole new way. Instead of going from the outside in; you’re going to go from the inside out! Instead of trying to figure things out, get better, do more or do better…you’ll connect to your Wisdom.

You’ll receive guidance about what choices contribute to you by listening inside, rather than staying scattered trying to figure out the answers and find solutions from the outside world.

It’s time to upgrade your blueprint!

During the 6 Week Integration: Mind Your Body program, I’m going to assist you in creating a new internal blueprint! We’ll get to the core of the issues causing strife in your life and we’ll activate your body’s natural healing process.

Are you ready to release the struggle?

You’ll upgrade your nervous system and integrate how to get out of the “fight or flight” patterns as you move into Harmony and Abundance. 

Experience a mental detoxification that will release old patterns of self-sabotage. 

Release the core patterns causing struggle and illness.

I’ll also show you how to connect to what I call your “inner GPS.” This internal guidance system gives you moment-to-moment awareness of what’s happening within your body as it gracefully guides you towards the choices that contribute your life.

Jessica Craven Sullivan

Something amazing happened today that I wanted to share. I've been practicing getting out of my head and into my body a lot lately as I've had a rough few weeks with my health. I even started meditating this week for the first time. Earlier today, I was feeling extremely tired. Like couldn't move tired. I have company coming over so I had a list of things to get done ... in my head. I felt the anxiety coming on. I told myself I wasn't feeling well. I started to go into fight or flight. But instead of running from it like I normally do, I stayed with those feelings and was able to tell myself that it was just energy that was coming up so it could move. And I'm not kidding, within 1 minute the feelings passed. My anxiety was gone. My fatigue was gone. I waited to post this in case it was fleeting, but I sit here feeling peace. This is what I have been waiting for, and Dr. Kim is so right. It's working and it feels amazing; I can't believe how quick it happened. What a breakthrough! - Jessica Craven Sullivan

Laura Wilson

Dr. Kim, I just finished week 6 and the teleseminar was so powerful and so helpful in clarifying the details of the am and pm prescriptions and the value in doing them. I have been transformed by your program and all of what you have taught us, shared with us as well as what Mario has taught and shared! I feel such gratitude for what you have given me, such deep appreciation for you both and love for you and what you are giving to us all and to the world to help all evolve and grow into what we are meant to be. It gives me such hope for our planet, human beings and all beings here on Mother Earth. Peace, Love and Acceptance for all!!! Thank you from the deepest place in my heart, with tears rolling down my face, love you both, and love to all of you sharing in this program. – Laura Wilson

Over the past 2 months I have implemented several of Dr Kim and Mario tools and have seen very positive health changes. I had tried several things before from my doctor and specialists, acupuncture, other YouTube protocols, muscle testing, several supplements, diets (paleo, raw, vegan, gluten / egg / peanut / rice / dairy free ... which I am not doing any of these right now) and I'm telling you nothing has helped me the way this program has! I have more energy now then I have had in the past several years. So for that I want to say THANK YOU!!!!! Still have a ways to go but not fatigued and lethargic like I've been. The past few years I was diagnosed with hashimoto, goiter on thyroid, onset of fibromyalgia and the list goes on. - Melanie Etayo

Here’s a glimpse of what we’ll be covering weekly during the program:

During Week 1… 

By increasing your awareness of your body, you’ll not only learn how to start living in the NOW but you’ll actually integrate it in your body, in your being!

You’ll learn the 7-Step Elevation Technique to instantly activate your body’s healing capacity and transform your life!

Each of the cells in your body is constantly communicating a message that goes far beyond your physical self. You’ll find that your body is an amazing receptor and transmitter of energy. When you learn how to use the controls, you open up to everything your heart desires! This impacts your health, your relationships, your career, your money and your success.

During Week 2… 

We’ll assist you in ‘re-patterning’ your hardwiring. You’ll upgrade the way your nervous system carries information so you open up to new possibilities you didn’t see before.

Only 7% of what you communicate to the world has to do with your words and actions.

Most of what you communicate to the world is based on your subconscious programming.

Your body is sending messages to the world that create your life!

That means that 94% of what you communicate to the world comes from your subconscious programming that’s been downloaded from your parents, society, and your past experiences.

It’s a big reason why we tend to experience the same challenges over and over without any real change. In this program, you will release those subconscious programs at your core.

The quality of your life is directly proportional to the quality of your beliefs!

Through the 6 Week Integration: Mind Your Body program, I’m going to show you how to recreate your life by re-patterning your thoughts and beliefs. We’ll upgrade your cellular messaging to align you with your True nature of harmony and health and create the results you seek.

During Week 3… 

Out in the world, you’re constantly bombarded with toxic information, toxic energy, toxic signals. Your body receives these signals and internalizes them, which chemically creates the state of your body, your health, and your life.

With the 6 Week Integration: Mind Your Body program, you’ll be empowered to change all of that! You’re going to learn some powerful MindBody tools that give your cells exactly what they need. They’ll receive the harmonic messages that allow you to thrive.

Your body will release the negativity and toxicity that used to run your life. This allows you to flow through life, succeed easily, and receive infinitely more as you open.

During Week 4… 

At this point, you’ll notice how much more aware you are of everything happening in your body. You’ll be in harmony with what’s going on within you, and be able to instantly shift to open yourself to flow at any time.

You’ll feel into your emotions like a map telling you exactly where you are and how to get to where you would like to be. This map seamlessly allows you to navigate your internal system and connect with your internal GPS – your internal guidance system that is always communicating with you and knows exactly what needs to be done to get to where you want to go. 

During Week 5… 

With your GPS and map in one hand, we’ll provide the other hand with a personalised compass to your true north. You’ll become aware of what your true passion is, and how to reside there! The clearer you get on this, the easier it is to open up to this with ease.

The 6 Week Integration: Mind Your Body program will assist you in setting your true north to your ultimate outcome so you easily flow toward your most fulfilling life!

During Week 6… 

The final week will offer you a daily prescription for lifelong results.

If you’ve ever completed a program that expanded you, only to find that within a short time you were right back where you started, you know how important it is to have a way to fully integrate the work so it changes you for life!

This prescription will include specific strategies to apply to your everyday life that will make it easy for you to continue this new mindset, this new way of living, and this new way of connecting and igniting your health every day!

These are our favorite Mind Body Tools that we love to play with! You’ll have a quick, easy way to integrate them so these tools continue to assist you in opening and expanding for life.

So, if you’ve been struggling for years working harder and harder with less and less JOY, Ease, and Freedom…

If you have self-sabotaging behaviors that you just can’t stop...

If you want to love more instead of seeing your relationships deteriorate…

If you know you’re ready for purpose and passion in your work, but you don’t know if that’s really possible for you…

The 6 Week Integration: Mind Your Body program is a complete reboot and upgrade of your Mind Body System.

You’ll experience the Instant Elevation tools and go further to integrate this into all aspects of your life.

Here’s what’s included in the 6 Week Integration: Mind Your Body program:

6 Weekly training videos

Weekly recorded coaching calls

Weekly journal exercise with integration tools

Online exclusive community forum for coaching, Q+A, heartwork and inspiration

In the online community you’ll connect with other participants as well as be able to ask your questions directly and I’ll be there to personally address your questions and issues.

My husband, Dr. Mario Torres-Leon and I created this program together to share the wisdom we have received.

Our live participants paid $2,000 each to complete the program. Today, this recorded version is available to you for only…


Go deeper with the Instant Elevation and get started now with revolutionizing your life.

I can’t wait to hear how you like this program!

If you know you’re ready for a massive change from the inside out, stop working hard to “fix” things from the outside in. Mind Your Body and experience the difference.

I look forward to assisting with your expansion!

-Dr. Kim

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