Connect with Dr. Kim privately for a personal consultation and prescriptive resources to assist you in integrating effortless Health, Wealth, and Freedom!

This is for you if:

  • You’ve seen benefits from this work and would like to go much deeper and receive much more

  • You are clearly ready to release old ways of being and open to receive healing, freedom, and abundance in your life to all new levels

  • You are open to seeing the deeper truth about yourself and your life in ways you have never perceived before

  • You are considering a long term live program with Dr. Kim and would like to experience a private session first
With Our Work You Can: 

  • Become completely clear of the root causes of your illness or challenge and align with its solution

  • Access a deeper level of healing than ever before by releasing the main blocks that have been keeping you stuck

  • Insight on what you’re currently doing that can be released and what you can do instead that will have the greatest benefits for you

  • Release old hurts, angers, resentments, and regrets and perceive the gift behind the pains and struggles you have experienced

  • Begin living at an all-new level of vitality, awareness, and passion

  • Awaken to a higher level of consciousness than you have ever experienced before

"My anxiety is completely gone, and I am no longer depressed!"

"It’s a week after the Skype call and the whole week has been so full of energy and I have felt so alive and excited and enthusiastic!"

"My energy levels are super duper! Psoriasis is resolving and depression doesn’t seem to be there at all! AHA!"

-Parul, Dentist 

"Relief from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Like Divine Acupuncture!"

"Kim is like a divine acupuncturist who knows exactly where to put the needle to clear out the old crap and make way for new healthy energy. I would recommend her to anyone who is struggling with their health or is looking to clear out blockages in any area of their life.

I decided to work with Kim because of having been quite ill for 2 years with chronic fatigue syndrome. I wanted my full health back and I have had quite a burst of health already coming forward. I am certain it will continue since the amount I have uncovered about myself has been huge and is undoubtedly transforming my body and my life."
The Mini-Integration Package Includes:

  • 1 private (1-hour) Skype session with Dr. Kim D’Eramo

  • 1 (30-minute) follow-up call with Dr. Kim D’Eramo

  • Mindbody Mastery 5-Part Online Video Training Series for MindBody Healing

  • Prescriptive audios or videos tailored to your specific needs

  • 1 follow-up email question with Dr. Kim D’Eramo


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