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Receiving Wealth and Abundance

Release the Root Causes of Low Energy, Pain, and Disease Free Diagnostic Quiz: Learn the 3 Things Holding You Back From Healing! There is a big LIE many of us have been conditioned to believe that blocks health, wealth, and abundance. That's the idea that the more we...

Ready to Delete Money Blocks?

Many practitioners I’ve spoken to aren’t making the money they really want simply because of this ONE thing we’ve been trained to do… …PUT OTHERS BEFORE OURSELVES!

Be The Medicine Questions Answered

I gave a talk to other doctors and wellness practitioners about how WE ourselves are the greatest component that contributes to those we are assisting.

How positive is your body image on a scale of 1-10?

What would have to be different for that to be higher? There is nothing more toxic to your body than your own judgment. What if you could release judgment and embrace unconditional love for your body as it is? In this episode, we’ll explore why self-love is the most powerful medicine AND how to love your body now, no matter what’s going on!

How Acceptance Creates Physical Change

I am frequently asked about how it can be that our body physically changes just by accepting and embracing our reality. Because we tend to think of the physical aspect of ourselves as separate from our mental or emotional selves, this can be perplexing. We are, after all, taught that we must “make it happen” and work hard to create physical change

Is Anxiety Normal?

Anxiety is so pervasive in our culture today, many think it is “normal” to be in constant fear. However, living in anxiety disrupts health on every level of our body. There are many ways of dealing with anxiety, but can we truly go beyond it to be free?

Change Your Brain by Trying Something New!

I recently visited Newport, Rhode Island, with my family and had a ball! My mom and aunt are some of the most fun people I know. In their 70’s, they are the most vibrant, healthy, and happy women around, and part of this is certainly because they stay active and are willing to try new things. In fact, trying things you haven’t done before changes your brain — and helps release old patterns.

How to Turn Around a Bad Day

Life has its ups and downs and they tend to go in the direction YOU do. When a day starts off “bad” and you try to make it better, it’s bound to get worse. Here’s what you can do to assure your bad days DO get better!

How Joy Creates Health

I’ve just returned from a wonderful trip to Paris with my husband which was filled with joy and love! During the trip, I shared the MindBody TV episode about “How JOY Creates Health” There were lots of comments about how difficult it is to find joy when we’re...

Have you made a lifestyle of “Working on yourself”?

Release the Root Causes of Low Energy, Pain, and Disease Free Diagnostic Quiz: Learn the 3 Things Holding You Back From Healing! If you’re trying to change things by constantly being “better,” learning more, or improving, all you’re in for is more work! Here’s what...

If you’re using the tools and IT’S NOT WORKING!

Release the Root Causes of Low Energy, Pain, and Disease Free Diagnostic Quiz: Learn the 3 Things Holding You Back From Healing! If you have utilized some of the tools from my MindBody Toolkit or Instant Elevation Program, and you feel like “it’s not working” for you,...

Healing with Ho’oponopono

This ancient healing art has been shown to relieve everything from chronic pain to severe PTSD. Learn why it works and how to use it to heal everything.

How To Release Other People’s Energy

You don’t have to experience life as an “empath”, constantly taking things on. When you witness, honor, and clear the energies that come up when you’re triggered, you become free from them.

How Emotions Affect Your Body

Your emotions create chemical changes in your body that affect every cell. Learn how different emotional states affect your physical health and body, and how this can assist in healing!

Easy Way to “NEUTRALIZE” Negativity

Your mind affects your body and health, but you don’t need to “work on yourself” to change things. Here’s an EASY way to “NEUTRALIZE” negativity so you’re free and your body can heal!

“Earthing” to Reverse Autoimmune Illness

As we enjoy the beginning of our summer season, I want to invite you to take part in the ancient act of connecting with the ground, called “Earthing.” To experience this, all you need to do is take off your shoes and let your body connect with grass, dirt, rocks, or sand.

Why You Have to go DOWN to Come UP

We all want to feel GOOD, and sometimes, the idea of “being positive” can lead us astray. Often, to release the shackles of grief, despair or any emotions we’ve stuffed, we must go DOWN into these places in order to be free.

The “Work-Life” Balance Myth

You’re probably all familiar with the term “work-life balance.” It’s a common phrase in our culture that implies an individual needs time allocated for work and also time for other aspects of life…

How to Change Your Body By Changing Your Genes

Previous medical understanding stated that your genes determine your health, your body shape, and even what diseases you get. We now know, however, that you CAN shift your genetic expression by changing your relationship with your body. Learn how this woman did just that and how her body transformed!

How to Resolve Family Patterns

Have you been carrying your parent’s energy? Do you get triggered by your family or notice yourself being your mother/father even though you swore you would never be that? In last week’s MindBody TV episode, I shared how we can become aware of the family patterns we’re carrying that are blocking health and wealth…

How NOT to Think Positively

There’s a great question that comes up a lot in my work and it pertains to the subtle difference between thinking positively versus allowing our thoughts to be as they are. When we notice negative thoughts and try to shift to a more positive mindset, this can create work. We don’t need to control our thoughts!

How to End Self-Sabotage

We all struggle at times with sabotaging ourselves, doing things even though we know they’re not good for us. Whether it’s binging on a decadent chocolate cake or spending a whole weekend in front of the TV, we feel the shame and wrongness of it because we judge ourselves as wrong…

You can’t just push through depression

In my Embracing Health program, an amazing question came up this week: How can I embrace the darkest parts of myself without spiraling into depression? It’s a powerful question with a simple answer.

The FASTEST Way to Tap Into Your Wisdom

Many of us are walking around disconnected from the wisdom and guidance that is in our body. This can make us feel lost and anxious in our lives. We don’t know what to do so it seems there is no way out. We think things are impossible, but that’s just because we can’t SEE the possibilities that exist.

EMBRACING what IS does not mean doing nothing

I had a great question in the MindBody Community the other day where a participant was confused about what it means to “embrace what is.” How can I just sit by and do nothing when I’m so sick and things are far from okay?! We often think embracing means just sitting by and letting things be as they are without taking action.

How to OPEN and RECEIVE More!

A common question that comes up often in my work is, “If my body can heal, then why do I still need supplements or medicine?” It’s not about not needing anything external. It’s about RECEIVING THAT FROM ALIGNMENT, versus searching and choosing out of fear. Here is a story about how this happened for me!

How do I get there from here?

This week, we had a group call where I answered questions about my Embracing Health program. The biggest take-home is, when we are willing to BE WITH all that is, we move out of resistance and receive so much more. It’s not easy, it’s not always pretty, but it IS the only way to truly LIVE!

What if I Surrender to Life and I Am Disappointed?

There were some great questions from last week’s Facebook LIVE video and I wanted to be sure to answer these to Bring you deeper into the experience of SURRENDER. This is the most powerful way to RECEIVE health instead of trying to create it.

Oprah says “When I EMBRACED illness, I miraculously healed!”

One of my mentors, Byron Katie, had suffered terrible anxiety and depression for years, before an experience of deep surrender that changed her life. Since then, she experiences “no suffering” but instead feels deep love and compassion for everything that arises.


One of the BIGGEST things I see keeping people stuck in lack and limitation… -not enough HEALTH, -not enough ENERGY, -not enough TIME, -not enough MONEY, -not enough LOVE… Is the underlying idea “I’m not enough.” It comes in many forms…

Quick Coherence Technique

The magnetic power of your HEART is 5,000 times more impactful than that of your brain, yet most of us spend our time using our brain to solve our problems.

EFT Tapping to End Self-Sabotage

Happy Valentine’s Day! Yes, LOVE does heal your body. Here is an EFT Tapping sequence to assist you in releasing self-sabotage and embracing self-love so you can HEAL easily and receive LOVE in your life!

Why you’re not manifesting what you want

When you try to make things happen in your life and are holding certain expectations or outcomes in mind, you are in a space that is conditional. You might get what you want… you might not, AND it’s in the future.

Let your AWARENESS create possibilities

I recently had a session with a client who became aware that she was blocking LOVE. As soon as she became aware of this blockage, she thought it was a problem!

Flu Season: Should You Buy In?

This time of year, there’s a lot of talk and press about “Flu Season” and all the things you need to do to protect yourself. It can bring up lots of fear that suppresses our immune system!

How to Ignite MIRACLES In Your Life

I was recently interviewed by Kimberly Baker for the “Soulful Self Care Summit” and we had an AMAZING conversation that led to SO much more than I’d imagined. The main theme was “Igniting the Miracles” that are READY to happen for you.

Are Medications Bad for Self-Healing?

I am often asked whether medications are “bad” when we’re practicing MindBody Medicine and inviting self-healing. There are also many in my community who have shared a fear or wrongness about conventional medical treatments and testing.

10 Secrets to Instantly Release Holiday Anxiety

So much unnecessary stress occurs during this time of the year. We take on other people’s energy, get bogged down with expectations, and get caught up in being “busy” instead of being in Joy and Ease.

10 Ways to Release Holiday Stress

I will be joining my friend, Laya Raznik, a pain-medicine specialist and acupuncturist, to share healing tools so you get out of stress this holiday and into JOY and health!

Releasing GRIEF and DEPRESSION During the Holidays

Grief can be really profound this time of year, especially if you have spent time trying to suppress it. As you end the year, your system wants to LET GO so that you can start the coming year in a new energy!

MindBody Medicine for Sexual Health

I recently interviewed Sexual Health Expert Layla Martin about how physical HEALING comes through exploring our sexuality. IT WAS AWESOME!! There are so many ways we hold toxic energies in our body around our sexuality, our physical form, and our sexual expression. In fact, many women…

BRAIN FOG: what’s REALLY going on

Have you experienced “BRAIN FOG?” That’s a state where you feel foggy, hazy, confused, and can’t quite think clearly. There are MANY remedies people are using for this…

Overcoming Doubt, Fear, and Shame

Don’t buy into your own thoughts about what’s possible! I was SO inspired by a woman who knew she was ready to expand and release old patterns, and wanted to work with me, but held herself back because was struggling with self-sabotage and not comfortable in her own body.

Transcending the Emotional Scale

It is not the lower emotions that cause toxicity, physical imbalance, and keep us stuck! It’s RESISTANCE to those lower emotions.

MindBody Solution for Anxiety Program November Special

I’m running a special offer for NOVEMBER ONLY for my “MindBody Solution for Anxiety Program.” If you have experienced anxiety, depression, PTSD or stress-related illness… this is a powerful way to assist your body in releasing these energies, so you are free!


Most of us are not taught to be present in our OWN bodies, much less being present for others. We don’t realize the power our presence and deep listening has for not only our own healing, but also for the healing of others.

Chi Gong to Release Grief and Despair for Healing

I recently had a private session with one of my clients. She had experienced a significant trauma in her past. The energies of grief and despair were still in her body. By using this powerful exercise…

The Two Main Blocks to Healing

There are two main blocks that keep you from being fully alive in the body and having ideal health. Learn how to release them HERE!

21-Day Weight Loss Challenge!

Weight loss is a MINDSET and HEARTSET, far more than it is about exercise and diet. My friend, Dr. Fabrizio Mancini recently created a “21-Day Weight Loss Challenge” and I created 21-Days of MindBody videos as part of this challenge.

Inner Alignment Exercise to Heal Naturally

Our inner alignment creates our life and everything we experience. It directly affects our health AND our outer world. We go through life thinking we can create the outer first, by “going” and “doing” and then when that’s done, we will feel good…

How To Move Pain OUT Of Your Body

So often, we spend so much of our energy trying to avoid pain, whether it be physical, mental, or emotional. We find things to distract us in order to avoid the things we don’t want to feel, but that energy gets stuck in the body and causes chronic pain and health issues.

The Power of Compassion to Heal EVERYTHING

It always amazes me how quickly and fluidly people can heal even the most stubborn appearing illnesses that have been present for decades, when they finally embrace profound compassion.

There is still space to join me!

We begin NEXT WEEK for my 5-month live program “Embracing Health!” This program has already gained momentum as participants have been sharing in the Facebook group.

How to RESOLVE Pain and Fatigue Instead of Fixing It

It’s not up to you to fix your pain, your illness, your fatigue. Your body is not “wrong” when there is illness or dis-ease. Rather, it’s up to us to OPEN and RECEIVE the “gift” in this breakdown, the “benefit” of the challenge we’re facing.

Is WANTING to heal keeping you sick?

The more we are ATTACHED to healing as an outcome, the less we will heal. The more we focus on connecting with WHOLENESS and Pure Love, the more healing happens automatically.

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