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LIVE CALL invite for wellness practitioners

If you’ve struggled in your practice, working more than you would like, sweating it out because you’ve been taught you have to “work hard to get ahead,” or feeling frustrated with clients or patients who are not getting better no matter what you do…

It’s time to operate differently in your practice!

—Here are details about the LIVE CALL and how to register.—

I will be covering how to…

  • easily access Source within you to assist your patients (instead of working hard to “help” them)
  • serve as the invitation that brings your patients into alignment with health and wellbeing (instead of working hard at marketing)
  • allow your practice to flourish as a by-product of connecting within (versus working longer and harder)
  • connect with the reason you felt called to a wellness practice and let that resource you daily (so you release burnout)

I look forward to seeing you for the LIVE call!!



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