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 Health and Freedom!

Go beyond doctors, diagnoses, the frustration of not knowing, and fully enter wholeness

"I have used this work to successfully resolve severe chronic Lyme Disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Brain Fog, and chronic pain. I've overcome the struggles and blocks and guided many through this same journey."

-Jessica Sullivan

As a highly conscious physician who has come through my own path of awakening, I've assisted so many in doing the same.

Jessica Sullivan is a long time client, student, friend, member of my team and veteran of this work. You may have reached out to support and had her guide you through this work.

Recently I interviewed Jessica about her healing from a severe, life-threatening illness. Jess and I shared her story of how she overcame obstacles, doubts, and fears that can arise through this kind of journey. The interview can be found HERE.

From that sharing came an influx of individuals wanting to receive personal assistance with Jess for how they could overcome roadblocks they've been facing with applying this work.

We created an opportunity for you to work with her in a private session.

About Jessica Sullivan
Jessica Sullivan is a professional mother of two who was initially a client of mine. After healing from Neurologic Lyme Disease, severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Brain Fog, Autoimmune Illness, and chronic pain, she also became my Customer Service specialist.

She has worked with my team now for several years. Through this time, she's assisted hundreds of individuals in more fully understanding this journey, specifically in understanding how to easily apply this when they seem to be struggling to surrender.

She is now sharing tools to directly assist anyone struggling to apply this work when doubt or fear seems too big to overcome. Jess is deeply compassionate and has a way of connecting directly with the heart, so new possibilities open up within the individual and they are able to more clearly see their way forward and choose it.
We've also put together a FREE Mini-Workshop where Jess shares tools and insights for moving beyond the 3 most common blocks we see people dealing with who are looking to heal from severe chronic illness.

You'll learn how to go beyond these common struggles and expand into new possibilities.

Work With Jessica

We've created a way for Jessica to assist you privately. Here's what you can expect:

  • LIVE private 45-minute video session with Jess (able to be recorded for future use)

  • Prescriptive tools to resolve blocks and connect more deeply to healing within

  • Receive clarity and awareness of what's really holding you back and move beyond it

  • Follow up email for review 1-2 weeks after your call

  • BONUS AUDIO: Guided Light/Heavy Exercise to connect within and get clarity on your wisdom


3 Month Integration:

  • Includes 10 (45-minute video sessions) with Jess (able to be recorded for future use)

  • Weekly email check-ins

  • Dr. Kim's Radical Health videos to use anytime you need


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