Ignite Your Light
Experience Massive Life Transformation Through Breath Work

Access profound healing through your BREATH to transmute lower energies into light. 


*Please note, this is the home study version of the live event. 

We're at a pivotal moment in time.
We are being called to enter into a new space, a new level of being.

In order to accept the new love and prosperity that is here for us and fulfill our purpose on this planet, we must clear out our old baggage. It can't come with us.

Your system is "listening" to the quality of your thoughts, beliefs, ideas, and memories. When you continue to hold the frequency of that "mental body," it's a program. Everything you experience is patterned from that!

This means you've literally got to DUMP those old thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and even your history in order to "UPGRADE" to a higher reality and higher possibilities for your life.

Your Emotional Body:
Most of us are not aware of the emotions we carry around, unresolved. We haven't completed with these, so we're still holding that emotional energy in our body. It can be triggered by our life experiences, which bring us into awareness of the emotions we've carried. That's why something small can happen and trigger us into a big reaction!

These unconscious emotions are still ACTIVE and are affecting your body and disrupting your life!

When you connect with these emotions (in this case through the breath and our consciousness) you allow those energies to come up and release. 

Your Physical Body:
The biggest reason we have pain, illness, and imbalance is simply because there is stuck energy that needs to move! Much of this is mental and emotional, and some of it is physical.

You may not be at all aware of the physical energy your body has held, but you can help it to release this. The body wants to release energy. The energy wants to move! That's your nature.

Employing the breath this way allows this all to happen fluidly.

​​​​​​​Through this breath work, we address your whole system and transmute DECADES of old energies.

You'll let go of:

  • Physical illness that isn't healing

  • Emotional distress -anger, frustration, overwhelm or grief

  • Chronic fear or anxiety

  • Chronic depression even though you've tried to fight against it

  • Limitations in your relationships, money, or career that you know you're ready to move beyond

The breath is a very powerful and easy way to access these unconscious emotional energies and allow them to release from your physical body.

This work allows in an "upgrade" to your entire energetic system as you receive a higher frequency of light.

Your body already knows how to heal. It's a matter of bringing in the Light, so it can do all of that easily!

You will feel

  • ​​​​​Free, clear, aligned and energized. 

  • Connected to Divinity and able to resource yourself.

  • Complete. Living the real you in real life

And you will be able to:

  • Move beyond struggle with physical and mental restrictions and into ease. 

  • Step into your purpose.

  • Restore love and harmony in your relationships.

  • Easily receive the prosperity meant for you.

  • Be the light for others, helping guide them as well.  

You can then walk through life in harmony, even in the situations that were very painful in the past. There will be no triggers. You are now FREE to be who you really ARE!
HOW THIS WORKS:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Your breath brings in prana, or life force to clear and cleanse through your system.

This works physically, mentally, and emotionally to release disturbances, known and unknown.
You'll be guided you through a powerful process of using the breath through a recorded session as you breathe and receive. 
We will clear through your mental, physical, emotional, and energy bodies in the guided session.
You will then supercharge your system with high-frequency, healing energy to do the work for you. 
You will then practice at home using the recorded session for a minimum of 2 home sessions.
You will also get a daily breathing exercise to use during the day to release old patterns of fear, lack, and stress
You will have access to previous Q+A calls which will complete the integration.

"BREATH is the access point to ignite LIFE. I’m excited to personally guide you through this total life transformation!"

-Dr. Kim D'Eramo 

"The Ignite Your Light program has truly been transformative for me! What amazes me the most with Dr. Kim is how she has the ability to support me in accessing my own inner wisdom, create deep shifts within my being and truly understand the information provided to me on a deep level. In stead of hearing information and learn things, I experience this deep resonance and shifts within myself.
The greatest gift for me in this program has been to truly understand how my healing is no place outside of me to be found. I can do all these outer things to support myself and my own healing, but there is no magic pill or magic healer who will fix me. My intuition and body is my healer and the magic teacher I've been searching for.
I'm diagnosed with severe ME and have been bedridden for 5 years. For the past 2.5 years I've been hooked up to machines to survive. I was very unsure whether this program would be a match for me, due to the severity of my illness. Well, I haven't regretted it for a second. I was able to apply all the guidance to my situation, and I know it will grow with me in my healing, continuing to give me new insights, clarity and wisdom.

I used to hate being present in my body, and I'd do all I could to escape myself every single day. Now I've finally learnt how to connect, center into and be present with myself, and in doing so offer unconditional love and support for my body and all my symptoms, and it feels SO good.

This program has truly been a game changer for me, and I feel like I've reached a deep level of healing I never knew how to access before.
Thank you, Dr. Kim!!!"

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Merete K. Graham

"I felt lots of energy as I did this practice. At the end, I felt my entire body buzzing with energy and light. So powerful...."

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Kassie Steegman

"I feel a lot lighter physically and emotionally. So much is shifting and releasing!"

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Anita Griffith

"I woke up with a renewed energy. I feel clearer and I’m making better decisions for myself. I feel more open and receiving some good downloads for my programs I’m offering. And I’m also making better decisions as far as eating goes without the difficulty that I had been having. I’m excited to see what else will shift this month. Thank you!! Xo"

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Meryl Hayton

This is a powerful transmutive process and will give you an easy practice to use going forward to supercharge your body every day, and go deeper in your healing at any time.

Program includes:

* 1 Transmutive Breath Session

* Recorded Integration/Q+A Sessions

* BONUS daily breathing exercise to use during the day to release old patterns of fear, lack, and stress

* Lifetime access to the recordings. The opportunity to join again the next time we do this LIVE.


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