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How to End Self-Sabotage

We all struggle at times with sabotaging ourselves, doing things even though we know they’re not good for us. Whether it’s binging on a decadent chocolate cake or spending a whole weekend in front of the TV, we feel the shame and wrongness of it because we judge ourselves as wrong.

It’s our judgment, not the behavior, that makes this so toxic and hard to change.

It can be difficult to break the pattern of the self-sabotage. All the will-power in the world will not do it. When we label our actions with shame and wrongness, THIS is what makes us powerless, and that’s what keeps the destructive energy patterns in place.

But what if we celebrate ourselves and the choices we make? What if we just simply allow them with joy?


Releasing the shame, brings us into a higher harmonic, freeing us from the destructive energy, and bringing in a greater sense of joy and love. This automatically moves us into a space of empowerment and high energy.

Learn how to do this instantly in this week’s video.

Dr. Kim



  1. Thank you for this video clip! I looks like you were talking about me!

  2. Hi, this is Delia. I so much agree with you! it happened to me the other day: I wanted a fast food sandwich and fried zucchini; wasn’t going to get it and suddenly occurred to me that I wasn’t to create a world conflagration, that if I put a guilty feeling on the food and myself I would get the food the same and I would be a prisoner of my mind, so I decided to give myself permission to have it, enjoy it and then go on with my life, satisfied, feeling finally free.
    Thank you

    • That’s amazing Delia! Thank you for sharing.

  3. I appreciate your “celebration of joy” insights on the life style examples you gave of binge eating or watching TV. I would like to hear how you address overcoming shame and wrong doing from actions that had much larger negative, hurtful and life changing consequencest on yourself and others.

  4. Thank you so much, Dr. Kim. It never occurred to me to call this feeling of regret over some of my choices “shame,” but that is exactly what it is. I also never thought of how being in the energy of shame might affect my body and my health. Shame is a feeling I experience regularly and have only recently begun to identify. I really appreciated the information in this video.

  5. That makes so much sense. I love the ever-positive and uplifting energy that you put out, Dr Kim. Thanks.

  6. Dr. Kim, This actually happened to me yesterday, when due to the pain in my ribs, I felt the need to binge on Peanut Butter. I knew that eating it was gross and not the correct thing to do but ate it anyway. The interesting outcome was that I thoroughly enjoyed eating it and I had no remorse having cleaned out the whole jar, in fact, I felt great.

    Seeing your email this morning and listening to your video, brought a huge smile to my face. As you confirmed I was correct in enjoying it. The funniest thing was, the pain had eased also. I do, so love your work, I’m so pleased I joined up. Thank you!


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