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How Love Heals Your Body

Do you fight your body to get what you want?

Ever workout because you ate too much? –or push yourself to work harder because you feel unproductive?

The biggest reason I see patients stay sick and tired is because they haven’t harnessed the power of self-love.

So often we want a better self: a better body, better personality, better discipline…and we do all kinds of things to improve on ourselves as a way to improve our lives. However, this very thing can be the entire reason why we’re unhappy, run down, and overweight.

Trying to improve can literally destroy your health.

Here’s why…

The self-rejection that often accompanies “improvement” creates a stress response in the body. This makes you susceptible to colds and flu, makes you age faster and develop wrinkles, and makes your body gain weight.

The antidote to this?

Self-love. I’m not talking about an airy-fairy idea of just saying “I love myself” as a way to get your body to behave and do what you want. I’m talking about generating a change to the whole game of what’s going on inside you. You must change the conversation in order to get a new result.

So how do you stop fighting your body if what’s going on is unacceptable?

Maybe you have no energy and you just can’t be okay that. Maybe you’re 30 pounds overweight and this is just unacceptable. Maybe you hate your crow’s feet, your thighs, your varicose veins…and can’t even imagine loving these aspects of yourself.

What I’m about to ask you to do is radically different and will seem impossible…but I’m going to ask you to trust me and do it anyway. It may feel like it’s the last thing in the world you want to attempt…but it could be the move that changes your entire experience for good.

I want you to love everything, exactly as it is.

That’s right. Look in the mirror at your “too wide” hips and in your mind say “I love you.” Now, do it for 4 minutes.

Keep looking. How do you feel? Can you even do it? Try. It will open something inside you. It will change your life.

What if EVERY time you looked in the mirror you stated this phrase: “I love you”
to yourself?

Sound impossible? Sound unacceptable? Do it.

Maybe you think that loving these imperfections and unacceptables would mean that you would never be motivated to change them, so you’d keep them around for life. (It’s not true.)

Maybe you’re scared because you think this level of self-love will mean you won’t be motivated to change, and so will remain your imperfect, unacceptable self and never win in life. (Also not true.)

What happens is that if you just love everything that is, you stop fighting things…and they change.

You see, when you let go of the fight, you turn off the stress response that is keeping you unhealthy, tired, wrinkled, and overweight. It doesn’t mean everything instantly disappears, however, you allow the process of vibrance and vitality that go along with self-love and self-acceptance. That means your body works with you, not against you, to create the youth, vigor and energy you really want.

I can’t wait to hear about your responses. Together, we will start a “Love Revolution!” …just in time for Valentine’s Day☺

Fill me in on what happens! –Comment below!
-Dr. Kim

P.S. I love you. Be healthy.



  1. Dr Kim, These are such good ideas and you certainly have a lot of them and it is wonderful to spread them around as you do to give inspiration . Thank you ! When we think of our friends and family we don’t think we would love them more if there were fewer wrinkles or even rolls ! I was just sitting in the little churchyard in our English village where we live and really it was lovely to see the messages of love on the tombstones over the centuries, no mention of , ‘if only he or she had been prettier or cleverer ‘, that isn’t what life is about. I said to one of my daughters who was crying one day because she thought she was ugly. (aged 9 now 34 ! ) “that’s not a very nice thing to say about my baby ” Loving ourselves means contentment so more love for those around us and as you say loving yourself means you probably take really good care of yourself like you would a friend?

  2. Thanks a ton for sharing this Ms. Kim!
    Very grateful!
    By the way, are you aware of an ancient Hawaiian healing ritual called Hooponopono in which you just repeatedly tell yourself “I love you, Please forgive me, I forgive, you, Thank You, I love you”. addressing troubling issues and they almost magically disappear from your consciousness. Thought you would like to know! Thanks again!

    Love from India!


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