Embracing Health
1-Year Integration of Health, Wealth & Wellbeing
"Fighting" disease just creates more battle.

You can only get healthy by Embracing Health.  

If you've been struggling with any of the following:
  • Low energy 

  • Chronic pain or fibromyalgia

  • Anxiety or depression

  • Autoimmune illness, thyroid disease, chronic fatigue syndrome or adrenal fatigue

  • Chronic infection like Epstein Barr, Lyme or Candida

  • Inability to enjoy and digest foods easily.

  • Having been told “you will always have this illness” or "you must take medications"

  • Your life revolves around “working on” your health.

  • Lack of the time, energy or money to fully enjoy your life and relationships

It's time to release struggle, and step into something higher!

Fighting disease won't expand your health.

You are primarily VIBRATIONAL, not physical! That's why no matter how hard you try to get rid of disease, you just get more dis-ease. When you release the fight, you enter a higher frequency. Your body always responds. 

No matter how hard you work to alter your diet, use supplements, take medications, or get the right tests, nothing changes until you change your vibrational frequency!

You can let go & allow health and vitality to be easy.

Here's what can happen automatically, when you shift your frequency and release the resistance you have unconsciously carried. 

your body's chemistry changes...

inflammation decreases...

digestion improves and is harmonious...

your immune system rebalances and can clear infections...

hormones balance and strength returns...

your body has resilience and vitality!

Through the EMBRACING HEALTH program you will...

  • LET GO of struggle, releasing old beliefs about your health, your body, and your life 

  • ALIGN with who you are really here to be

  • RECEIVE unconditionally so abundance flows through your life

  • ALLOW The Universe to guide you so life is effortless

  • EXPAND into what Life has for you and release your agendas about what you think that’s supposed to be


In this year long program you'll get...

>> LIVE Monthly Group Calls: Opportunity for 1:1 Assistance

We'll meet on Zoom the 1st Thursday of each month at 11am MT/ 1pm EST and I can more personally address your needs. These calls will last approximately 90 minutes.

>> 2 Monthly Recorded Calls

Listen on your own time to integrate higher consciousness and increase your frequency. I walk individuals through the harmonization of lower energies of grief, despair, fear, self-rejection, judgment, and powerlessness. These are the exact energies that keep you from experiencing your highest self, highest vitality and highest level of abundance.

Most of these energies were unconscious. In these calls I assist in calling those energies out so you can allow them to release!

Relax and do the exercises along with these calls. You will feel the cellular reintegration.

>> LIVE Weekly Q+A with me

I will be in the Facebook group LIVE for 30 minutes all other Thursdays 11am MT/ 1pm EST to answer questions, clarify what's coming up, and assist you in integrating this work for your specific situation.

>> MindBody Mastery video course

Tools to assist your healing and awakening. View the videos as you go through the year. There are 5 sections to allow Awakening, shift your Belief Systems, enter a higher Consciousness, Design Your Life, and Expand in all areas of your reality.

>> Lifetime access to our private Facebook group

Continue to receive my personal assistance and attend LIVE Q+A calls after your year has completed for the lifetime of this program.

>> Bonus videos and audio meditations to assist this integration of wholeness, harmony and wellbeing

I’m Dr. Kim D’Eramo.

I am a physician who had my awakening experience when I was 16 years old. I was suddenly able to see beyond the veil that we are physical, into the truth that we are vibrational. I could hear people's thoughts, know what was going on inside their bodies, and have the total awareness that we are all co-creating every bit of our reality.

After a period of integration, I came to understand that Infinite Wisdom was within me. The more I have been willing to listen within, the more prosperity, wealth, and abundance has come through my life.

I became a physician, was board-certified in Emergency Medicine and also studied Osteopathic Medicine, which is the science behind how the body heals itself and the mind and body are connected. I created "Embracing Health" to walk individuals through their own awakening to see beyond the veil and access their true power for health, prosperity, and abundance.

Through my own journey of resolving an autoimmune illness, my understanding of MindBody Medicine, and my expertise as a physician, I welcome you to explore the infinite potential that lies within you!

What's possible for you is truly infinite! Take the journey within to release limitations and explore what your heart is calling you to now!

These are some of the patterns we'll be releasing in the Embracing Health integration calls…

1. “It can’t be that easy.”

Some people can't believe life could be effortless. They’ve bought into the idea that they have to always try harder and achieve more.

They work hard to achieve health or prosperity. Complex solutions show up so there's always more to do. They believe it has to be hard, and so that’s how life shows up.

2. “I don’t deserve it.”

Some are not ready to receive abundance. They've bought into the idea that they need to prove themselves or "improve" to finally be worthy, so they live in lack.

They believe that if they can just learn more, give more, or do better, things will be okay, so they never quite get what they need to prosper.

3. “This is too good to be true.”

Some people understand that health and abundance come from within, but think it’s not possible to “have it all.” They compromise in their work, their relationship and their life.

Their mind thinks they have to compromise and so they never quite receive the deepest callings of their heart.

I’m here to share that it is all up to YOU! You can choose to live in abundant health and wellbeing.

Are you ready to choose YOU?

The Embracing Health program is designed to assist you in connecting with your body’s wisdom so you easily receive health and abundance.

Resolve illness and symptoms so you live in vitality and health

Tune into your internal guidance so there's clarity and life is effortless
Be free from medications and supplements
Enter a whole new level of abundance, ease, and joy in your life, work, and money.
Connect more deeply in your relationships so there's love and harmony as never before. 
What Participants Experienced:
Dr. Kate Zachau
Arlene Petrush
"I no longer have Lupus!"

"This created a space for choices I would never have made in the past. I no longer need to take these supplements or avoid these foods anymore because my body is in a space of wellness. This past week I had a follow-up appointment with a practitioner I have been seeing for energy medicine treatments. I had stopped feeling the need to go as often. I did go for my follow up testing though, and I left there with a PERFECT SCORE and she tests all things - every gland, every organ, every mineral, every food sensitivity, every hormone .... and her husband who is in the field of genetics developed a frequency device to turn on the genes to fight your condition - it too showed no lupus in the body! I am in awe with the fact that even though I still have some physical symptoms, I am connected to the wellness in my body. I can just feel it! The validation was great to have too! A huge big hug to Dr. Kim, and thanks for your profound work - the last call we had really shifted things!" 
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Lara Cathcart

"Prior to working with Dr. Kim, I had focused on healing from chronic fatigue and related physical and emotional symptoms for more than 15 years. I read books, worked with many practitioners, and devoted great amounts of my time, energy, and money towards trying to get well. Although I made significant progress over time, I was still mostly functioning from a place of fear and struggle.  

The degree of healing I’ve experienced through working with Dr. Kim is remarkable. This simple, yet profound, practice has changed my life. I have gained increased ease and fluidity throughout my day, more joy and wellbeing, greater love and compassion for myself, my family, and others, deeper presence and connection, and openness to life and its possibilities. 

I am immensely grateful to Dr. Kim and highly recommend working with her!"

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Hayley Spizz
"My migraines are GONE! I was at the chiropractor 3 times a week; now it's more like 3 times a year! I'm living fully with passion, fun, and others are commenting." -
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Roma Clasper
"Everything feels different. My energy levels are better! I'm able to care for myself and have energy and patience with my kids... I'm having FUN and got something even bigger than expected out of this program! This is the program that keeps on giving!"
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Heather Johnson
"I am off medications and my GERD symptoms and colitis is resolving! My husband and children have been more open to me, and our family meetings are open and connected... If you have Autoimmune Disease, this is the route to go!"
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Patty Schroeder
"After being on disability for years with Lyme Disease, and spending over $100,000 on treatments, running from one thing to another, you got right to the meat of what was really going on for me! My physical illness is resolving! I am no longer in fear. I had fears of being in a group instead of one-on-one, and got way more from the group than I'd ever expected! Everyone should take this program!" 
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Trisha Loomis
"Since I joined the program 2 months ago, my acid reflux is 80% better, this is wonderful and I am extremely grateful for it, but more wonderful is that I have stopped giving it power over me. Before the program I was constantly checking what I was eating, and scared of food because of the symptoms I could get from eating, well not anymore!!! I am still eating wisely, but not making food wrong. I am just ignoring any symptom and canceling them by saying “I cancel that, I not longer believe in that, that’s just a believe system and I have the power to cancel it. I swear they fade when I declare that. Since that approach I am much much better in body and mind. I have been dealing with fatigue and brain fog for a few years now. The fatigue is 50% better, the brain fog is still there and it is difficult to surrender to that one, I am a work in progress 😊
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Saray Calcedo

You are a life changer, and I am forever deeply grateful for YOU, your work, and the positive effects it is having, and will continue to have on my life. You tap into things that I have suppressed for so long and didn’t even realize I was holding on to. 

The future is LIGHT!"

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Ellen Rainford
"Embracing Health program is transforming my life. It's been a gentle year-long awakening, teaching me to surrender and allow emotions and physical symptoms to be felt and released. This is allowing me to love and nurture myself and life in a new way. I know I will carry on improving physically and emotionally as I have a new relationship with myself, my body and with life.

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Ruth Venable
"I’m grateful for this program.  I feel every time there is a live meeting (every month) something shifts in me.  Also listening to other weekly posts from dr. Kim!:))  I believe it doesn’t matter if I’m not having one on one talking to dr. Kim. This work is energetic and on many dimensions and it just works for me…. I feel my anxiety and depression (didn’t know I have depression until it went away!!) has reduced significantly….  Just don’t worry if u raise ur hand in meetings and don’t get picked.  It’s energetic!  Just INTEND  and u will get the healing u r ready for."

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Sima Khorshidianable
Enjolique Zimmerman
As a recent graduate of the Embracing Health program, I felt inspired to share a bit about my experience.

"My health took a major turn after a hospitalization for viral meningitis in my late teens. My life became a strange hybrid game of dominoes and ping pong as my symptoms worsened and I bounced from doctor to doctor. Diagnosis after diagnosis and medication after medication (many of which made me sicker) and the desperate search for the "right" someone or something to come along and fix me, all yielded no real results. I was weak and dysfunctional physically, scattered mentally, and emotionally stuck in a hyper-reactive state.

I had settled into believing this was just life for me...but when I stumbled upon Dr. Kim’s videos, something in her words beckoned me to open up again, to ask myself what else could be possible. Somewhere deep inside I had always feared I was a weakling and an imposter...like this sickness was a mask I could take off if only I knew how and had the strength. As I listened to Dr. Kim’s message and allowed my awareness to shift, I saw I was just "two degrees removed" from my truth. I wasn’t an imposter, I just knew there was more available for me, and that my soul was calling me to honor that knowing. My dis-ease wasn’t a mask, it was a road map to all the places inside myself that needed to be met with loving attention. And I wasn’t weak, just stuck in perpetual recovery from all the fighting I was doing. Suddenly I didn’t just think something else was possible, I KNEW it. I followed that knowing in a way I never had before, joining Embracing Health and surrendering to the process.

I completed EH just two months ago. The way my life changed over the course of that year is nothing short of amazing. The shifts I experienced in perspective, in communicating with my body, and in loving myself unconditionally were astronomical in nature, and the shifts I continue to experience as my awareness expands past the foundation I built over the course of the program are mind blowing.

In terms of symptom resolution: I went from having to take Magnesium Citrate 2-3 times a week to stimulate functionality of my digestive system to NEVER having to take it, with a digestive system I don’t even have to think about at least 75% of the time. My subluxations and dislocations decreased, and when they did occur, I was able to recover from them in hours or days instead of days or weeks. The pain was less and dissipated faster because I learned how to let it move. I was taking a dozen medications, depending on the day, and now take ONE, and it is as needed! My migraines have resolved, my tremor has decreased. My cervicogenic headaches have been cut in half in both frequency and duration!

My sleep has become deeper and more regenerative; I was waking up 4-5 times a night at the beginning, now I wake up maybe 1-3. My full-on panic attacks went away COMPLETELY, and now when I do start to feel anxious or reactive, I know EXACTLY what my body needs to move through all of it fluidly, so not only do I experience anxiety less frequently but the anxiety that does come NEVER vice grips me the way it used to. I am awaiting improvements in other areas, like energy, strength, and stamina, but know now as all these other symptoms fall away, I make space for these qualities I desire to come to fruition!

From this clearer space, I invited in miracles, like the opportunity to love closer to my family, and access to one of the most renowned EDS specialists in the world, who was able to recommend a simple change of my salt and electrolyte intake that was an absolute game-changer.

I have also moved mental/emotional mountains inside me thanks to this work. To list just a few: I am gentler on myself, I give and allow and receive gracefully, I have stepped out of a place of judgement for myself and others, I communicate and interact with my body in a way I had no idea was available to me. This work has deepened my relationships immensely. It has invited me to see the world, my life, current events, my loved ones, conflict, and "adversity" from the most incredible bird’s-eye view, KNOWING that everything in my world is happening for me.

If this sounds impossible, or like a stretch of the truth, please know I understand. I was IN that space right before I took a leap of faith and signed up for Embracing Health. But I can promise you that if you feel even an inkling of recognition of the truth in what I’ve written, you WILL NOT regret grabbing onto it and letting it guide you.

I would like to make clear that no one asked me to write this post. I watched the interview with Dr. Kim and Jessica and felt inspired and compelled to share this with the community that might benefit hearing it! My motivation in writing this is nothing more than to invite more people to experience the freedom of feeling better, stepping into their power, embracing who they are, living vibrantly. This is just me, rooting for you to say YES to your YES, so this time next year YOU might be the one living your success story and wanting to pass it on!"
Have you run this program before?
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For several years I have run group programs for individuals struggling with chronic illness, pain, anxiety, and depression. Rather than give them solutions to fix the problems, I guided them to release what was in the way of prosperity and health. The results were life-changing.
The Embracing Health 1year program is a compilation of the most powerful and transformative calls with those groups.

I've put these together with online videos to guide you through the MindBody tools I have found to be most powerful in connecting with your Wisdom and allowing your body to heal. 

What results can I expect?  
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If this program speaks to you and you're ready to choose love, abundance, and freedom, you can anticipate MAJOR changes in your health, relationships, money, and work.

Participants in the past have reported significant changes in all of these areas.

Many have gotten off of medications for pain, anxiety, and depression. Others regained their ability to tolerate foods after having previously required a restrictive diet. Many have reported resolution of physical disease, the emergence of wealth and prosperity when there had been lack, and major changes in the level of love and connection in their relationships.

 I’ve already tried everything. Could this really help me?  
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Most approaches to health are about fighting disease or learning ways to control behavior. These are based in the MIND which is anchored in fear and separation. They are ways to cope with the underlying reality of dis-ease.

In Embracing Health, we use the technology of the Heart and its ability to repattern the brain and body and allow it to enter ease. Healing then happens effortlessly.

If this program resonates with you, it’s because your consciousness knows this is a contribution to you! Be willing to release fears and old ideas, so you receive higher possibilities than you have ever imagined!

Listen in to one of our final Embracing Health Group Calls:

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Here's what you will receive in the 1-Year Embracing Health Integration Program:

  • LIVE Monthly Group Calls on Zoom the 1st Thursday of each month (11am MT/ 1pm EST) to personally address your needs. (approx. 90 mins)

  • 2 monthly Pre-Recorded Group Calls to assist you in integrating a new consciousness and accelerate healing

  • LIVE Weekly 30 minute Q+A in the Facebook Group all other Thursdays 11am MT/ 1pm EST

  • MindBody Mastery video modules: 5 Modules of Powerful MindBody Tools for Healing and Awakening

  • Powerful Audio Meditations to shift your frequency and integrate the highest levels of health

  • LIFETIME ACCESS to our private Embracing Health Facebook group (access to audit future calls and activity)

(pay plan option available)

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