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GIFT of Love for you!

GIFT of Love for you!

Since this month is the LOVE month (it’s my birthday AND it’s Valentine’s Day:)

I did this month’s live call with my private “Radical Health” group on: Using Pure Love to Heal Your Body.

It’s a radically different way to allow the body to heal because we’re letting go of everything you’ve been told about your health, your diet, and your body that you think is required for you to be healthy.

What if you could receive everything you need RIGHT NOW?!

This incredible, expansive call opened members to connect with the Essence of Love, Freedom, and Ease within themselves, so they released limitations, illness, and the heaviness that was preventing healing.

—HERE is the audio download for you!—

I’ve not shared any of these calls this way before, and something really resonated with me about sharing this.

I know many of you have also been interested in the Radical Health program, so I would like to formally invite you into the program if this resonates for you.

Sharing Love with you!



  1. Thank you for sharing this call. Just amazing. Hits home. I will have to listen again! Feeling grateful.

  2. Thank you so much for reminder of the healing power of the heart! Beautiful recording!


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