EMPOWER MP3 Meditations

You're ready to elevate your consciousness, step into a new life, and choose all that really serves you!

It's time to release limiting beliefs and old ways of being. Repattern your mind-body system using the Empower audios!

Includes 5 mp3 Meditations

Track #1: Self Esteem to Release Loneliness, Insecurity, and Fear

This will assist you if you are ready for expansion in your work, relationships, and health, but are afraid to let go of what you have now. If you've put your "source" of security OUTSIDE yourself and so compromise yourself in your work or relationships for fear you won't get what you need. Connect with the true Source of Serenity WITHIN and allow in a whole new life that truly nurtures, cherishes, and fuels YOU!

Track #2: Joy and Freedom Meditation

This meditation will align you with unconditional Joy and Freedom. If you've been waiting for your life to change so you can finally experience freedom and joy, it's time to remember that all of life is a reflection of you. As YOU EMBRACE Joy and Freedom, this changes every cell in your body and your electromagnetic field. You will see old stressors that held you captive release, and new experiences that reflect this joy and freedom show up!

Track #3: Meditation for Transitioning Into a New Consciousness

Often when we're asking for greater health, wealth, and abundance we need to consciously release the old patterns we've been functioning in. This meditation will assist you in smoothing this transition so it's fluid and easy for you, letting go of old patterns that may have kept you stuck and limited. Use this meditation to ease your way in integrating a higher experience of you on every level.

Track #4: Sourcing True Serenity

True Serenity lies within us, but many of us have been stuck in lower frequency patterns and looking outside us for what we need. This meditation will connect you with the Source of love, healing and freedom so that resources easily flow into your life.

Track #5: Collecting the Parts and Rewriting Your History

Often we don't realize that we're carrying around old stories, traumas, and incompletions from our past where we've been hurt or took on limiting beliefs. Just like you can repattern your future, you can rewrite your past. By releasing these old stories and patterns, this audio allows a massive shift in who you are being NOW. Use this meditation to release the traumas, hurts, and limiting experiences of the past so you are free to create from Wholeness who you are today!

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