EFT Benefits Include:
Immediately turn off fight-or-flight and end symptoms
Increase your energy levels
Reverse illness at the root cause
Induce powerful Self-Healing
Additive effects with repeated use
Can use anytime, anywhere
"I just wanted to share with you how profound Dr. Kim's work can be -- though most of you know this already! I have had aggressive Rheumatoid Arthritis for 8 years. I couldn't walk, I felt cut off from myself and shut down and utterly miserable. I felt I'd had to let go of everything I loved. Sooo contracted!

Within only weeks of doing Dr. Kim's methods (EFT tapping for "not enough" is a life-changer for auto-immunity!) I have experienced a seismic shift. The arthritis has gone, I can walk (oh joy!) I have energy bubbling up from within, and a deep joy in my newfound life. Every day I wake up smiling! Thank you Dr. Kim, thank you, thank you."​​​​​​​

- Alice Webb

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EFT Mini-Course Includes 5 Videos: 

Video #1: EFT Training video 

Video #2: Prescriptive Tapping Sequence for Pain 

Video #3: Prescriptive Tapping Sequence for Depression 

Video #4: Prescriptive Tapping Sequence for Anxiety
Video #5: Prescriptive Tapping Sequence for Fatigue

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