The purpose of this alliance is to assist each participant's business expansion by increasing your personal frequency so infinite possibilities can be carried through your work to those you serve.
Why does your personal frequency matter in your business and for your clients?

There are unlimited possibilities available to us all.

Through inspired healing work, miraculous things happen that go beyond what conventional medicine has understood. We as wellness practitioners understand this and are pioneering a whole new field of healing that goes beyond what earlier science said was possible.

We must be free from struggle so we can invite others into freedom.

When we hold the frequencies of fear, lack, and separation, trying to "get ahead", "grow our list," or "fill our programs," we block the flow of our own abundance. This actually sends signals to the world that say "I’m not already whole" and doesn't allow for abundance, synchronicity and flow.

Our consciousness is ultimately what is transmitted through our work, whether it be through a pill, physical touch, coaching, or education. Even your website, social media posts and videos transmit the consciousness you embody.

Especially as wellness practitioners, our energetic alignment this is essential, because true healing cannot happen in that lower frequency. Your clients may see results but they will be limited and difficult to achieve.

When we step into our own alignment, however, everything is easy!! Magnificent healing happens because WE are holding the space for what we invite our clients into. Healing happens through their connection with Source, not from us. The modalities we use are just there to support and assist this infinite power. Our business grows fluidly through its own expansion not from our work or efforts.

To make the difference we're here to make in the world, we must move into the consciousness of love, ease, and freedom that we are inviting others into through our work —creating an effortless transmission.


is for Practitioners, Wellness Leaders & Coaches who:

  • Have an inspired wellness-related business and are expanding online

  • Are ready to stop operating in fear and lack, and have your work be effortless

  • Receive abundantly every day from your business and feel the difference you are here to be

  • Live in health, wealth and abundance and inspire others to do the same

  • Want to be free to express all of who you and step into an authentic connection with your community

What you get:
Global Community with Authentic Connection​​​​​​​
Access to the Conscious Practitioner Collaborative

New science has shown that we are not separate from others, that we are all energetically connected. It’s also demonstrated that we are primarily made of energy and are ever changing and expanding.

We contribute to each other's rise in consciousness, partaking in the success and growth and receiving from others' insights and experiences.

Our private Facebook Group will serve as a place for you to align with other conscious wellness practitioners and with Dr. Kim. 

You'll experience:
Weekly member share for feedback and assistance with your business: Each week we will profile one member who will share their work and 3 top "asks" from the group for specific feedback on what will move things forward the most for you!

You'll be able to:

  • Tap into your inner guidance so you always know what to focus on to expand your work and business
  • Work in fluidity and ease so you work less and receive more
  • Get clear on what you are here to do, and get started
  • Release lack, fear, and limitation in your business and money and create from the space of true prosperity
  • Receive direct, specific feedback on creating your most expansive, prosperous business
  • Connect with like minded others in various stages of their business development process for inspired support anytime

The 10- Video Training Series
Designed to move your business into Abundance Consciousness with lessons on:
Why fear-based marketing doesn't work and how to authentically share your message
 How to source yourself first before serving others, and why you must be the #1 recipient from your business
Stepping into the "BIG" of
your business now
How to make videos that immediately inspire others and invite them to join you
Creating a multi-dimensional business
(kiss the 3D model goodbye)
How to truly step into your work and let go of the fear of being seen
My daily expansion practice for major business growth
How to produce infinite results without even trying
How to effortlessly connect with those you are here to serve
Creating a program that transmits the highest consciousness of your work

Guided audio meditations
to assist your expansion

LIVE Q+A with Dr. Kim
​​​​​​​every month

Guided audio meditations to assist your expansion

LIVE Q+A with Dr. Kim
​​​​​​​every month

EXCLUSIVE Invitation to the Annual Global Expansion Retreat 
Dr. Kim will host an invite-only retreat bringing together like minded souls for a business and life- altering journey into oneself. Being part of this Conscious Practitioner Collaborative means receiving an invite!
The 2020 Retreat will be at Civana Resort in Carefree Arizona
November 15th -18th.

*Retreat fees not included in lifetime group membership 
To make the difference we're here to make in the world, we must move into the consciousness of love, ease, and freedom that we are inviting others into through our work —creating an effortless transmission.

Conscious Wellness Practitioner, 

No matter how great your message is or how hard you work at what you're doing, your own personal frequency must be addressed in order for your work to be all it’s here to be. 

I know as I've gone through many of these evolutions myself. In all my years from physician to natural healer & business owner, I've realized how crucial these shifts are in the work that we do. For Humanity to receive what it most deeply needs, we must have AWAKENED practitioners assisting them!

This Conscious Practitioner Collaborative is my GREATEST work yet. All I've done has led up to this.

I've watched other business leaders share healing work in ways that are not aligned with authenticity. This greatly diminishes the results their work can deliver. With so many requiring something deeper, this will never work for what Humanity is really needing!

When we come together for the purpose of aligned co-creation, our collective healing modalities assist the great AWAKENING happening on the planet now. Together, through our individual ascension, we raise the frequency of the planet. THIS is what true healing is about.

It is with a full heart that I invite you to become a part of this collaborative and join myself and your fellow practitioners. 

With love,
Dr. Kim

"I’m in such tremendous appreciation of the videos you created on the AYB site that I needed to tell you!

I can feel my body receiving them on a cellular level and it’s actually bringing tears of JOY to my eyes—what an amazing experience."

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Nicole Bailey, DC
Check out the webinar where I debunk the myths that keep wellness practitioners stuck
*the retreat mentioned has already occurred. the next retreat is Nov. 12th-15th 2020! Pricing may not be the same.
It's time to Awaken YOUR Business

We'll go beyond the old paradigm of what seemed possible, get out of conclusion and into unlimited possibility. And operate at the frequency of Love or above in your business.

This is an invitation for greater expansion.


What's included: 

  • 10 Video Training Series designed to move your business from separation consciousness to Unity Consciousness

  • Access to the Collaborative - Our private Facebook group for global aligned connection 

  • Monthly access to Dr. Kim LIVE Q&A time

  • Exclusive invite to our annual LIVE event. The 2020 event will be at Civana Resort in Carefree, Arizona, November 15th -18th (there will be separate costs for this event, it is not included in the Awaken Your Business Investment) this event has been postponed until 2021


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