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Can “Bliss” come from despair?

When I first heard Hillary Cave’s story of her strange awakening experience, I was floored. It was very similar to an experience I’d had at age 16, when I became aware of the many different layers of who I really am, how my body and mind are connected, and how I actually have access to infinite awareness that could support me in my life.

It was like I downloaded all kinds of higher-wisdom…with no context for what to do with it!

(It was highly disturbing to say the least…)

I emerged from that after years of anxiety and depression to integrate this wisdom and use it in the most amazing ways….as well as educate doctors and leaders all over the world about what our body is really capable of!

Hillary had a similar experience.

She been depths of despair and depression for years… until one day she also had an “awakening.” Infinite wisdom flooded in and she (like I did) “downloaded” truths she’d not had access to before.

From this wisdom emerged “Bliss” and she now lives at a whole different level of aliveness.

She’s created the “Follow Your Bliss Summit” to share this wisdom so you can benefit from this healing for yourself!

HERE is the link where you can register to participate for FREE.

I am in huge support of what she’s doing and gave her an interview in the summit that was amazing!

We went deep:) We discussed my “awakening” experience, the years of struggle to integrate it, and how I emerged into letting this wisdom out in my life.

Register now! I know this will be an enlightening and life-changing experience!!

Sending love,

-Dr. Kim



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