Feeling like you don't fit the mold
of the current "system"? You're not meant to. 

BE THE MEDICINE is a program for practitioners and healers that allows you to create YOUR work through your own inner wisdom and guidance. 
We Start September 2020!
The change from sick to well happens not through the “pill”, the treatment, or the modality we are using, but through ourselves, our consciousness, and the interaction we have with patients and clients.

  • If you felt a calling to enter your wellness practice, and now find you’re struggling, working longer and harder, instead of living the Abundance you are here to bring others...

  • If you know you are here to assist Humanity with your unique message, and are ready to share that more fully...

  • If you've noticed your practice model is no longer working, and you're ready to step out and have greater impact...

  • If you feel burdened with the idea of being responsible for others and are "taking on" your patients instead of effortlessly assisting them...

  • If you’ve been disappointed with not seeing results from marketing programs and strategies, and know things do not have to be this complex...

  • OR if you know you're called to a wellness practice and have no idea where to begin...

It’s time to tune into your inner guidance to access Infinite Possibilities for yourself and your business!

We are energetic beings. When we incorporate that perspective into our practice of health and wellness, we invite far more possibilities. Taking on patients and trying to heal them is effort. It disconnects us from serenity, so temporary fixes may happen but true healing does not.

The same principle applies to our business. When we work long and hard to "get clients" we are out of alignment with our own wellbeing. People don't find us, or are not clear whether they want to work with us, because we are not embodying the essence of our work!

All the marketing strategies in the world will not overcome this misalignment.

Most practitioners create their business from limitation.

They have conclusions about how things "have to be" and they block the awareness of what could easily create more. When you instead tap into your wisdom and create from pure awareness, exponential growth can occur with ease. This opens you to the infinite possibilities available for your clients, your business, and yourself.

When you connect to the essence of your healing work and the core of what you’re here to be, it guides you in creating a business that flourishes, grows effortlessly, and brings unthinkable healing to the world.

Here's what we'll be doing together each month:


Money & Abundance

You'll be releasing old patterns & perspectives holding you back from receiving, opening to receive infinite wealth , clearing money blocks, opening to Unity Consciousness with money.


Access Your Genius

You'll be releasing: old identities, feeling "not enough", fear of being "seen" and not knowing what you're here to do. You'll be gaining clarity on your unique gifts.


Rewiring Relationships

You'll be moving out of the hierarchical structure, letting relationships be a mirror for your expansion, connecting with your clients and patients in unity instead of separation and  being the medicine that assists others.


Accessing the Wisdom of the Body

You'll be releasing the 3D limitation and become a quantum being, connecting with Source to create your business, being guided and in clarity with all you do.

The 4-month LIVE online training & mentoring program with Dr. Kim includes 2 options:
TIER 1 includes:

Be the Medicine Training Videos 

Video series designed to help you connect with the Essence of your message to easily grow your business, get clear on who you are here to assist, create new ways of packaging for your services, create your online modules and programs, and setup systems to easily invite high-paying clients.
2 Monthly LIVE Group Call Integrations

Release blocks and limitations, and clear old emotions around money, healing, your clients, and the possibilities for your practice.

Receive direct assistance and intuitive awareness from Kim to get to the root of what's really holding you back.

Get clarity and guidance for what life is inviting you into as you integrate new possibilities for your life and career.

Tap into Source for ideas, inspirations, unlimited resources, and all that's required for you to do what you're here to do.

(Calls will be: Tuesdays 10am MT/12n EST Sept 8, 22, Oct 6, 20, Nov 3, 24, Dec 15, 29)

Private & Exclusive Facebook Forum

Receive continued assistance from Dr. Kim direct answers to questions, and videos to guide you in your expansion

Certificate of Completion

Receive a certificate in the mail at the completion of the program.

You Can Choose to Upgrade Your Experience:

TIER 2 also includes:

Private Session With Dr. Kim 

This will be an intensive session where we'll connect you with prosperity consciousness and integrate this throughout your system, physically, mentally, and emotionally. We will align your energy system with your highest possibilities for life, business, relationships and money.

We will also look at your work, or prospective work, and get clarity on what is the highest expression for you here. We will optionally look at your website, programs and packages, and other aspects of your business. 

Personal Business Evaluation With Dr. Kim 

She'll personally review your websites, programs and overall business with you!

ALL Participants Also Get An Invite to Kim's Exclusive Business Retreat

Attend Dr. Kim's Luxury Retreat for Practitioners 

Join us at The Global Expansion Summit - November 15th-18th at CIVANNA Resort in Carefree, Arizona

This is an Exclusive Luxury Business Retreat for Wellness Leaders creating new modalities that go beyond conventional thinking.

You will receive support physically and energetically to increase your consciousness and expand your work, business, wealth, and personal lifestyle.

(extra costs involved to attend)

Click here for more details on the retreat 

What the experience is like:

"I am so grateful for the opportunity to participate in Be the Medicine. As I continue to receive, I'm finding that my clients are receiving more as well. I had an amazing session last week with a client, and it was effortless! My clients' lives and relationships are changing with ease, and two of my clients are committing to more frequent sessions.

I also had an opportunity to publish a short account of an EFT session in a forthcoming book about EFT. I submitted the story at just the right time, and it was just what the author was seeking.

I've been watching the Section 1 videos again this week, and I have received inspiration for my (forthcoming, someday) website with ease and grace.

​​​​​​​My eyes filled with tears of gratitude as I read several of your posts on the Mind Your Body page earlier this week. It is a joy to receive from YOU and others here, and from the programs you've created and shared with us. I hope this holiday season is a joy-FULL one for you and your family!"

Laurie Heyl

Assist Humanity by Embracing Abundance

Here's what you will receive:


  • 4 months of LIVE group calls 2x a month for integration. (Calls will be: Tuesdays 10am MT/12n EST Sept 8, 22, Oct 6, 20, Nov 3, 24, Dec 15, 29)
  • Be the Medicine Online Course
  • Private Facebook Group 
  • Lifetime access to the training
  • An Invite to attend the Global Expansion Summit Retreat in Arizona Nov. 15th-18th 2020  (*costs not included)

(pay plan available)


In addition to TEIR 1, you will receive:

  • Private 1:1 Session with Dr. Kim (1 hour)
  • Personal evaluation of your business, website, programs. (30 mins)

(pay plan available)


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