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Be the Medicine:

Assist Humanity By Embracing Abundance

The change from sick to well happens not through the “pill”, the treatment, or the modality we are using, but through ourselves, our consciousness, and the interaction we have with patients and clients.

  • If you felt a calling to enter your wellness practice, and now find you’re struggling, working longer and harder, instead of living the Abundance you are here to bring others...
  • If you know you are here to assist Humanity with your unique message, and are ready to share that more fully...
  • If you've noticed your practice model is no longer working, and you're ready to step out and have greater impact...
  • If you feel burdened with the idea of being responsible for others and are "taking on" your patients instead of effortlessly assisting them...
  • If you’ve been disappointed with not seeing results from marketing programs and strategies, and know things do not have to be this complex...
  • OR if you know you're called to a wellness practice and have no idea where to begin...

It’s time to tune into your inner guidance to access Infinite Possibilities for yourself and your business!

Be the Medicine Q&A

We are energetic beings. When we incorporate that perspective into our practice of health and wellness, we invite far more possibilities. Trying hard to heal our patients, efforting our way through our day disconnects us from the Source of health. We may help our patients have a temporary fix for what ails them, but it becomes impossible to assist them with true wellbeing and abundant health.

This same principle applies to our business. When we work harder and longer, we are out of alignment with our Essence of wellbeing. It blocks our ability to grow and prosper. People aren't clear whether they want to work with us because we're not residing in the Essence of our message. All the marketing strategies in the world cannot overcome this misalignment, so working harder never brings success. 

When you connect to the Essence of your healing work and the core of what you’re bringing others, it guides you in creating a business that flourishes, grows effortlessly, and powerfully assists others in healing.

Most practitioners create their business in limitation. They have conclusions about how things "have to be" and block the awareness of what could create more. When you instead tap into your Wisdom and create from Pure Awareness, you can have exponential growth that goes beyond what the mind thinks is possible. This opens you to the infinite possibilities available for your clients, your business, and yourself. 

Until you embody the healing message you are here to share, your results will be limited. You’ll have to work harder and harder to figure things out, “find” people to work with you, or be heard above the noise. 

When you choose instead to “Be the Medicine,” you literally become the healing they’ve been seeking. You have clarity in how to create in your business. You easily invite those already looking for you who are open and ready to receive what you share. Since people can feel your alignment, they know you are a fit for them because you embody the essence of what you’re here to share. It's easy for them to choose to receive from you.

In this program you will:

The “Be the Medicine” Program includes a LIVE online training and mentoring program:

MindBody Mastery video training series

Connect with the Infinite Wisdom within to heal your body, release limitations, and open to Abundance

Be the Medicine video training series

Connect with the Essence of your message to easily grow your business, get clear on who you are here to assist, create new ways of packaging for your services, create your online modules and programs, and setup systems to easily invite high-paying clients

2 monthly LIVE Group Integration Calls

Release blocks and limitations, and clear old emotions around money, healing, your clients, and the possibilities for your practice.

Receive direct assistance and intuitive awareness from Kim to get to the root of what's really holding you back

Get clarity and guidance for what life is inviting you into as you integrate new possibilities for your life and career

Tap into Source for ideas, inspirations, unlimited resources, and all that's required for you to do what you're here to do

Private Exclusive Facebook Forum

Receive continued assistance from Dr. Kim direct answers to questions, and videos to guide you in your expansion

Guest Expert Speaker Series

Hear from other health and wellness experts on how they established their successful wellness-based business, overcame personal obstacles, and received what they previously thought was impossible

Live Private Session with Dr. Kim

Review of your website (or plans for what you will create) to have it reflect the true message and essence of your work

Creation or revision of your programs, packages, services and/or products to something more expansive for you that contributes more to others

Development of a higher vision for what you are creating in the world

Clarity of next steps to create your vision

Here's what participants had to say:

Marsha Basiliere, R.N.

Arlene Broussard

Tatjana Trajkovska

I am so grateful for the opportunity to participate in Be the Medicine. As I continue to receive, I'm finding that my clients are receiving more as well. I had an amazing session last week with a client, and it was effortless! My clients' lives and relationships are changing with ease, and two of my clients are committing to more frequent sessions. I also had an opportunity to publish a short account of an EFT session in a forthcoming book about EFT. I submitted the story at just the right time, and it was just what the author was seeking. I've been watching the Section 1 videos again this week, and I have received inspiration for my (forthcoming, someday) website with ease and grace. My eyes filled with tears of gratitude as I read several of your posts on the Mind Your Body page earlier this week. It is a joy to receive from YOU and others here, and from the programs you've created and shared with us. I hope this holiday season is a joy-FULL one for you and your family! - Laurie Heyl

6-Months of

Be the Medicine

Investment : $5,000 Begins October 2018 Space is limited 

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