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21-Day Weight Loss Challenge!

21-Day Weight Loss Challenge!

Weight loss is a MINDSET and HEARTSET, far more than it is about exercise and diet.

My friend, Dr. Fabrizio Mancini recently created a “21-Day Weight Loss Challenge” and I created 21-Days of MindBody videos as part of this challenge.

Fab is one of the most enthusiastic men I know (next to my husband; and they are sort of besties!)
He’s incredibly committed to staying fit and assisting others with this too.

If you’re looking to develop your FITNESS, LOSE WEIGHT, or ENHANCE YOUR HEALTH, CLICK HERE to subscribe to his challenge!

You will receive a DAILY VIDEO FROM ME, as well as resources and guidance from Dr. Fab!!

He’s got a great Facebook group for this Challenge as well, and my videos are posted in there daily.

HERE is the link to subscribe!

-Dr. Kim

P.S. Each of my 21 daily videos has a MindBody tool you can use to enhance your health and fitness. You will love it!

P.P.S. There IS a nutrition component offered as part of Dr. Fab’s Challenge. This is OPTIONAL and you can just participate in the content-only portion of the Challenge. He HAS had excellent results with this product, though, and if it’s a fit for you, jump in!


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  1. Hi Dr. Kim,

    I hope you are well. I received your email about the Dr. Fab 21 day challenge. Do you think this would be a good program for me with my attempts to lose weight with this adrenal trouble ? I have not lost a pound in months, but I eat clean and walk 6~8 miles each day. I depart for the US on Sunday, so I have a month to try the program if you think it would bring me results in the mind body situation I am experiencing. Thanks so much. I am ok. Penny


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