Alive Woman: Liquid Dance and the Yoga of Self-Healing
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Ready to take full responsibility for everything in your life so you can create all the prosperity your heart desires?

Have you experienced....

  • Not enough time, money, energy?

  • Feeling overwhelmed and depleted?

  • Chronic illness, fatigue, or depletion of health?

  • Emptiness in your relationships, like you don't get the love you really want?

  • Lack of sexual energy and vitality?

  • The idea that you don't even know what you want because you're so busy taking care of everyone else??
 You could be living THIS life instead:

  • Passion and vitality in your body, becoming YOUNGER as you age...

  • Fluidity and resilience in your body that resolves any disease...

  • Having a meaningful contribution doing what comes naturally to you...

  • Relationships that become more loving and passionate as you go forward...

  • Beautiful sensuality and sexuality with a Divine Partner who cherishes and adores you...

  • Prosperity and wealth, letting the world contribute to you...

  • Living your ultimate lifestyle now...
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The Yoga of Self-Healing is an effortless way of living so you embody the Light that brings vitality to your body and abundance to your life.

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This is a new way of being in your body so you show up as the Light that brings vitality to your body and love to your world.

It's PRACTICE of self-love, not a destination you have to get to.

You already are WHOLE, so this practice is effortless.
This yoga is fulfilling, graceful, passionate, fluid, and abundant.

It connects you to your NATURAL STATE of wellbeing and power.

It is profoundly healing and tangible: you will see physical changes in your body, relationships, money, work, and lifestyle.

During the retreat, we will incorporate this with Liquid Dance, which a way of using SENSUALITY to connect with your body, allow energy to flow and receive the VITALITY that heals and sustains your body.

The Yoga of Self-Healing is NOT...

...selfish. As you honor and cherish yourself, you automatically impact everyone and everything around you in a positive way. This is the deepest contribution you can have in your world. You cannot truly benefit anyone from depletion. In the Yoga of Self-Healing you honor yourself as a spiritual practice and allow an overflow of that love to everyone around you.

...working on yourself. Self-healing is received. You choose and The Universe does the work. You do not "heal yourself." You only open to receive the vitality and abundance The Universe already has in store for you.

...fixing a problem or fighting disease. Healing does not happen by fighting disease. To experience greater health, you must expand in harmony and so create the conditions where disease can no longer exist.

...about physical poses. Yoga was never meant to be primarily a physical experience. Yoga is about "yolking" together the limited self with the infinite self. If you cannot move your body, you can still receive this yoga practice and allow vitality to fill you.

...fluff. This is a scientifically-based understanding of the body as vibrational. It is not an airy-fairy disconnection to imagine la-la land and hope it comes true. We will utilize principles of quantum physics to allow a quantum shift in your consciousness, your body, and your reality.

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Watch my webinar:
"How to Access Your POWER as an  ALIVE Woman!"

This is a journey into Unity Consciousness, where you no longer live from separation, lack and fear.

You are an infinite being having a physical experience and when you connect with this aspect of yourself, all things are possible!

Here's what you can expect:
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Unlock extrasensory and intuitive abilities you didn't know you had

Access your deepest Wisdom so you effortlessly create the life your heart desires

Open to resources of wealth and abundance beyond what you knew was available

Heal your body and develop increasing resilience and fluidity as you move forward in life

See your relationships deepen and come alive as you are seen and received as the gift you are in the world

Live contribution you are really here to be from a space of fulfillment and completion

Here's where we're going:
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Carefree, Arizona
Here's your guide:
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Hi I'm Kim D'Eramo!

I'm a conscious physician, initially board certified in Emergency Medicine and now have been sharing Mind Body Medicine for self-healing of chronic illness.

As a highly intuitive and empathic person, who is well versed in clinical medicine, I've been able to tune in very quickly to know exactly what is impeding health for clients I work with.

With over more than 10 years of practice in MindBody healing, I've seen women heal from all kinds of severe illness, pain, fatigue and obscure symptoms by connecting to their Wisdom and going far beyond what most doctors have thought possible.
I've been sharing this work with amazing results and am excited to bring you this very powerful experience of it with Liquid Dance and the Yoga of Self-Healing!

Here's what retreat participants have said:
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"I am so connected to my heart right now!"


"There's no gimmicks, there's no sales pitches, it's just Dr. Kim's authentic self, relaying to us women that we are valued and we are important, our lives are beautiful... and we deserve it all!"

Lorrie Vross


Liz Jutras

"My health is back on track. As a result of this retreat, my finances have improved, I feel vibrant and alive, and have more energy! I SO encourage you to do a retreat with Dr. Kim."

Arlene Broussard

"Thank you for an amazing retreat! I am in awe at how much cleared in three days. I have been experiencing greater ease and presence, and feel significantly lighter. I am newly grounded in my “warrior” and know this work has integrated in a deep and lasting way."

Hayley Spizz

"I immediately felt like I opened up an opportunity to receive so much... I knew that this was something my soul was longing for. Nothing has ever compared to what I learned at this retreat."

Ellen Gosselin

The Alive Woman Online Course 

Featuring the ALIVE Woman Video Training Series to Unleash Your Power and Activate Your Life  + 4 LIVE calls during the month of April!

LIVE Calls will be: Tuesdays 10AM April 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th

Topics include:

  • Setting Intentions from Your Heart
  • Reclaiming Your Power
  • Mind to Heart: Accessing Your True Desires
  • Ignite Your Power through Sensuality
  • Quantum Manifestation
  • Using Movement to Create
  • Receiving Abundance in Relationships and Work

  • Visiting Dignitary Exercise
  • Food Foreplay: Preparing to Receive Nurturance
  • Communication Tools to Increase Intimacy
  • Inviting Life's Gifts to Create Resources, Money and Energy
  • Igniting the Greatness in Men
  • Receiving Infinite Wealth
Now adding bonus content to address fear & uncertainty in the present times!
I am so excited to be inviting you as my special guest to join this group!

Join the Online-Only portion of ALIVE Woman!!

April 7-28th, 2020

The online-only program includes:

  • 4 LIVE weekly group calls with Dr. Kim
  • Full access to online portion of ALIVE Woman Program Video Series (topics above)
  • Lifetime access to ALIVE Woman Facebook Group
  • Live participation for future runs of this course


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