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Octaves of Consciousness

If you’ve tried “self-help” for decades and never felt like you could “get there”  no matter how much you learned, or how hard you tried to be whole…


About a year ago, my friend Sylvie Olivier introduced me to a powerful new way to be.

It changed everything in my life, and gave me the discernment to know the difference between what really contributed to me, and what was just more hype.

After integrating this, I finally emerged as ME and was free to be and express the essence of who I am!

Everything changed: my business, my money, my relationship, my health…

It’s the core of how I live my life now and nothing has been the same since.

I think this is MY FAVORITE video I’ve ever made.

Would LOVE to hear what you think after watching!!



  1. Just Great!! Made in a super easy way to understand. I see myself a lot in this in/out from the second octaves to the center…
    Many,many thanks Dr. Kim.

  2. This totally resonated with me on many levels. I love how simple you made the explanation including the diagram. Moreover, I now have a framework for understanding and explaining how it is we find ourselves vacillating from nutrality back to duality. Now that I understand the behaviors that move me back to duality, such as judgement, fear and being driven to “arrive somewhere,” I can shift intentionally back to neutrality. Thank you so much Dr. Kim!

  3. Excellent conceptualization of the spirit’s journey from outer to inner awareness, and from struggle to peace.

  4. I’ve been stuck in the second octave, searching for information just like this, for at least 10 years now! This video really resonates with me, as do your other videos and blog posts. I finally feel like I will actually achieve true healing. Thank you so much for providing it so freely to us all.

  5. All I can say right now, is wow! I’m so grateful for you and this extremely important knowledge.
    Thank you! Dr. Kim! I’ve a glimmer of clarity and hope.

  6. Dr. Kim I love your energy, your smile, the way you talk and explain things really tells it is from your heart and that you have our best interest in mind. Thank you for being such a lovely person.
    Definitely in the second octave at this moment trying to get to neutrality. With everything explained in this video I believe I will manage to take myself there more than before. Thank you,
    Warmest regards, Jelena.

  7. Dr Kim, you have such positive energy, Im glad I found you.
    I am in the second octave and sometimes I feel I go into the inner circle but am out again. Ive had this chronic pain since 4 years and its not been diagnosed, so there is frustration. Searching for a way to get rid of it, done so many natural therapies nothing has helped yet.
    I wanted to know how does one get into the circle when they have physical pain?
    Thank you, regards Namrata


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