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I recently interviewed Sexual Health Expert Layla Martin about how physical HEALING comes through exploring our sexuality.


There are so many ways we hold toxic energies in our body around our sexuality, our physical form, and our sexual expression. In fact, many women especially have shut their brains down to registering what they FEEL sexually in their bodies.

This dynamically blocks us from our Wisdom!!

It is our responsibility to feel and witness our bodies fully, and allow ourselves to be fully ALIVE, and that must include our sensual, sexual selves.

—HERE is the video where Layla shares how to open to your sexual energy to allow this as part of your healing process.—

Also, Layla has an amazing course beginning in January HERE where you can receive from her directly.

I’ve participated in her OBliss course and found it to be SO deeply transformative!!! I absolutely love this woman and love the work she is doing, and VERY highly recommend this for all women everywhere, especially if you’ve struggled with

-body image
-food issues
-chronic pain
-a chronic illness
-relationship struggles
-a lack of passion in your life

I will be participating in the January course also and am excited to share this work with you!

Love to your BODY!
-Dr. Kim



  1. This is a surprise. And resonates so deeply. In my teens until I was nearly 40 I was addicted to the pleasure of sex. After my son was born I focused all my energy on him and then soon after was diagnosed with cancer. I’ve spent the past nearly 25 years focusing on “healing” but really shutting down my sexuality – one 3 year intimate relationship in the past 23 years. I look back and wonder where that open, sexual person disappeared. This video gives me optimism that I can still find, even this late in life, that sexual energy without the addiction/unsafe behavior.
    Dr. Kim, you always show amazing energy, passion and generosity in your work but wow! you are lightening itself in this interview.

    • Wow Sandra! Great.


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