Tap Into Your Healing Power

I’m Dr. Kim D’Eramo, physician, speaker, and bestselling author of “The MindBody Toolkit.” I’ve seen miracles happen in medicine and I’m here to assist you in receiving this yourself. Your body has the ability to heal itself. If you’ve struggled with a chronic illness, pain, anxiety, or unrelenting fatigue and tried “everything” to heal, I am here to assist you in opening to the source of healing within you.

Many people with a chronic condition (myself included) search high and low to find answers, but aren’t shown how to look within to ignite health. Whether you’re trying to find the right diet, the right supplements, the right energy work, or the right healer to “fix” you…the solutions are not out there, they’re in here.

When we open to our healing power, this literally unleashes new possibilities. Pain, illness, fatigue, and anxiety resolve either spontaneously as you open to higher energy, or you are able to easily incorporate simple, easy solutions that make all the difference.

If you’ve been working hard to get better, fighting illness, restricting your diet, taking expensive supplements, going from doctor to doctor, or trying to use “mind over body” to heal yourself… I will assist you in unlocking the unlimited Power within you, so you can release the struggle, heal easily and live a life you love!


Feel Your Body… Heal Your Life!

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Holiday MindBody Tool to Love YOU FIRST!

If you’re feeling depleted, giving to everyone else, taking care of others, making sure things are okay, BUT you’re neglecting your body…


This means you have a short fuse with others, you don’t have enough time, energy and/or money, and you feel fatigued and depleted.

(It’s a delusion!)

Don’t operate that way this holiday season!

Make this a […]

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De-stress for the holidays VIDEO interview

I recently was interviewed by my friend Debbie Owen and her soul sisters as part of their “Mighty Married Mom’s Women’s Holiday Success Series.“

In this interview I share great MindBody tools to use throughout the holidays to not only de-stress, but to experience your life, body, and family from a deeper vantage point, so you

have a JOYFUL, fun holiday, stress-free, […]

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