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I’m Dr. Kim D’Eramo, physician, speaker, and author of The MindBody Toolkit. I’ve shown thousands of professionals how to instantly increase energy, end pain, and enhance productivity. Your body has the ability to heal itself. When illness is chronic, there is an imbalance where the body is not getting what it needs.  I’ve been teaching MindBody tools for years and having outstanding results with my patients, from getting off medications, to achieving ideal body weight, to no longer having chronic illness that doctors told them would be life-long.

You are meant to live a vibrant, fulfilled life, and I love seeing my patients have breakthroughs to allow healing and free them to thrive!


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Are You Doing This All Wrong?

I recently received a question on one of my blog posts about doing Affirmations.

This is one area where I see so many people get it all wrong, and actually end up creating the very problems their trying to overcome.

It’s also an area where I see people “being positive” instead of just getting REAL!

(It’s a pet-peeve, but please, stop trying to […]

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